Was Kraken changed in anyway this patch?


Played a game recently and just obliterated some Silver Expert+ hunters and I’ve never had a good Kraken game. One of the hunters said that Kraken was broken this patch?


No changes.


He got buffed last patch


Kraken is broken this patch.
Not because of any changes they made this patch (since they did nothing), but because of the changes they didn’t make.


Krakens lightning strike is un-dodgeable right now. It doesn’t matter what you do, it is going insanely fast. I’m seeing nothing but Krakens right now abusing it.

Heck I even tried it and it just flies. Did it get a stealth speed buff? Even when we are visibly out of the range it still hits us.
After playing for hours today, not a single person I have played with has successfully dodged it. Did anything happen @Macman?


Yeah… I just kinda felt a game where it was like “Rolfstomp” and all I could do was use harsh words against the prick.

Still can’t believe that TRS buffed the only Monster ever REALLY used in competitive play only because idiots were having issues with using him.

Oh wait… I guess I can considering the atrocities that Wraith was given.

But, I digress. TRS better pull out the most adorable Bunnies out of their ass when the next update comes around.


They didnt change anything. The hunter was probably just coming up with excuses.


Question answered!