Was it hard to start a game on previous alphas?


Evolve being an asymmetrical game with only 1 person on one side and 4 on the other I wonder isn’t it hard to get into a game where everyone are humans(no AI taking over hunters)? How was it in last alphas? I also think majority of players prefer to play the monster.


Not difficult at all, and given how this Alpha is much larger in regards to player base…It shouldn’t be an issue just like it wasn’t during the first phase.


I don’t think there will be any problems. The amount of people in the Big Alpha is going to be staggering.


Yes but the ratio of people wanting to play monster versus people that want to play hungers won’t be 1:4 imo.


That is why you have role preferences. So your first choice is Medic, second is Monster. If everyone is playing a medic, you’ll be a Monster. If everyone is playing Monster, you’ll be a medic (Most likely).


What he said.

You’re never going to get to play your top choice 100% of the time. Plus, there are lots of people (like me) who want to be hunters. I don’t think we’ll have any issues.


So there isn’t a classing lobby system? You choose preferences and then hit a get-me-in-a-game button?

Edit: I want to be monster most of the time :o


You will be the monster plenty. If you join a game solo, and the rest of the people in the game joined together as a party, then those people are locked out of being the monster. It is to prevent cheating.


I found a game within a minute regardless if my preferences last Alpha. There will not be a problem at all this time around.

You’ll be surprised how many people play Hunter.


Good to know. My concern seems to be unjustified then :blush:


Not entirely. There is a Pre-Game lobby and you CAN Swap roles with other hunters on your team.

It’s just the preference system will first put you in a lobby with others, according to everyone’s preference. For Example, Tommy, you, myself and Cow are queing up as hunters.

Your preference is say, Medic, Support, Assault and Trapper…Tommy’s is Medic, Assault, Trapper, Support

The lobby loads us in and Tommy gets the luck of the draw and is assigned Medic, while you are assigned Support.

You can then be like, Ey Yo Tommy! Do you mind if I play Medic? He could then be like Ey Yo Sure! and leave his selection, which allows you to leave yours and pick up the medic slot instead.

You are not fully locked into your preference order…It’s just a way for the game to help match up with other players in lobby/games etc


I was originally afraid of that issue thinking about L4D everyone scrambling for zombie. Think about the psychological difference though between the two games. L4D when you’re zombie you are safe and able to hide on rooftops or stalk Humans in spectate before spawning. In addition, its 4v4.

Evolve if you’re the monster you are totally alone, if you lose it’s your own failure, you are hunted from the first 2 seconds by 4 people who have no Objective but to kill you. It psychs a lot of people out. Often when I was choosing Monster as first role preference I was getting it over half the time.


A couple things to note from my experience.

Last Alpha, games were found exceptionally fast, I put a large chunk of time in, and didn’t find myself waiting for longer than maybe a minute. I had only one instance of being in a game with bots (players left mid game) but was never matched in to a lobby that launched with bots. As @xdflames said, quite a large number of people do play the hunters, and are mostly interested in the hunters. Beyond this, the way the preference system works ensures that you don’t wait a lengthy period of time to get in to a game. When you select the monster for example as your preference, if you are the ONLY person in your lobby to have the monster as your first preference, you will be given the monster every round. If however, a second player has the monster as their number one preference, it will alternate between yourself and the other player with monster as their number one preference. Basically, have faith in the preference system, it works pretty well. There were very few instances where I got my fourth preference - but lets be honest, every role is fun to play regardless.


Every gamer will be playing Evolve during Big Alpha :stuck_out_tongue:


This is another thing that was very interesting for me during the original alpha. I discovered that I actually liked playing Support and Medic more than the other spots (even monster). I just felt like I clicked better with those roles. So I think people will find that although they might go into the Big Alpha wanting to do nothing but monster it up, they’ll find that each role offers unique gameplay that just might appeal more to them once they give it a shot.


I agree and in addition to that I assumed I wouldn’t care much about Assault but it’s just a natural move through the classes as you play. You just start feeling up for shooting or up for being Monster or like you want to do more utility. Quick switch of the preference and get whatever the game hands you.


I found a solid group of testers last round. We all played what we enjoyed and switched if someone wanted to try another class. 3 days is alot of testing.