Was gonna play this game for a long time.Uninstalling because of Wraith


I saw this game becoming F2P in steam,and played a few matches and loved it.Now i’m level 18 which is not so much but i was really planning to play for 100s of hours and possibly pay for in game currency.But wraith just ruins everything.For that sole reason i will not play this game anymore at all.This is not one of those “change this or i uninstall” threads.Just telling you how much of a problem this is

Wraith is supposed to be the “stealth” monster,or more accurately the deception and ambush type monster.Right? No.

It can destroy the hunters at stage 1.And that’s not vs 4 total noobs.I had a pretty good team with communication and good aim.I do about 20-25k damage with torvald which is not pro but not total noob either.Yet 90% of the times when see wraith,it wins.Only solution is to quit the lobby if you want to have fun instead of be extremely frustrated

Her head on power is too much for a monster based around deception.It literally killed me in 6-7 sec as assault when my jetpack was empty,just by spamming everything at stage 1.

It can run around the map forever and you never catch it unless it sucks.Then it goes stage 2-3 and it’s gg.Even if you catch it either it facerolls you or it runs around until dome ends.

It fills your screen with particles,where all you see is tentacles,decoys,explosions,various effect colors and whatnot,sometimes you cannot see a single thing or distinguish what’s going on even if you know how her decoy works

And to top it off,for the amount of mobility it has,it is not much easier to take down than other monsters HP-wise.Especially with the horrible armor regen perks.

Just my 2 cents.This is the least fun i have had in a game for a long time.I am prepared for flame and “you are still a noob” comments.The wraiths are noobs too,but you should not be a great player to be able to beat a noob monster

Why I hate Gorgon and why I hate 'pounce' in one image

Wraith is getting some work done soon. I really hope some try hards don’t put you off from this great game!


Sounds like a suspicious movie there to me :wink:

In all seriousness i’d hold your horses pal. The Wraith is falling out of favour since the recent alterations. It will be picked less.

In the meantime if you see a wraith, just leave the game.


Yeah, Wraith is making pub’s lifes hard right now -.-

But they are going to nerf her even further next Tuesday.
Until and after then a few tips:

  • Play Val, Sunny, Abe, Hyde
  • Val can outheal very much
  • Wraith has to waist an ability to destroy the shield drone. Sunny can boost everybody up
  • Stasis destroys Wraith
  • Hyde’s AOE dmg destroys Wraith
  • Pick jetpack reload / efficiency / jump height perks
  • If the Wraith uses Decoy/Supernova, just boost straight up or climb a cliff
  • Climb up and down a cliff, go around trees. Wraith has a hard time dealing damage if you are cliffing


Thanks for the suggestions.It’s not like i dont understand how it needs to be countered.The problem is that it requires too much to be countered,because it has little weaknesses and lots of power in many different aspects of the game.

Btw about cliffing etc.You need a lot of mobility to pull all of these off,and any useful mobility perk is not exactly available until much later levels


Well, climbing a cliff doesn’t consume jetpack. I’m not sure whether Wraith can melee you off a cliff though.

About the perks, yeah, Evolve Stage 2 is a little bit of “Be a founder or grind to get an advantage” which is sad.


If you hold normal default attack, the Wraith can 1 hit strike you up in the air, it does send you flying a ways.


Don’t write things off so soon. Wraith is just a pubstomp now, generally good against us new F2Ps.
Skilled monster users makes you feel truly helpless with other monsters like meaty/gorgon/ekraken.

Play a little longer, the ‘top’ monster actually changes as general player skills increase at higher levels.

I used to struggle against wraith too. Seeing one, both my friend and I will groan over skype.

But as we got used to fighting it, it really isn’t that bad, you just need assaults that do not lose damage to the decoys, Hyde is amazing (other than parnell?) A defensive support like Hank or Bucket (not Kala). And anything for your trapper and medic. Advice, save your jetpack evades for times when the wraith supernova (turns blue and attack speed x1000). The wraith’s main damage comes from that.

Wraith caught in dome at stage 1 easily loses its 1/2 HP in our games now. Stage 2 is a fight where you can’t get careless, as game suggests, you and the monster are now on even standing. And stage 3 is of course, you are in trouble for letting him get so big and fat (even with the planet scanners making tracking much easier), that’s when, like the game intended, the monster has the advantage in general strength now.

What destroys us now, are REALLY good gorgon/ekrakan players, those 2 monsters, can nuke a single hunter to death in mere seconds at stage 2/3 if you fail to evade at least 1 skill. But their skills ain’t easy to land/combo, my friend uses ekraken himself and he hardly comes close to what skilled ekrakens can do.

But of course… it is understood that most new players entering the game ain’t skilled, lacks the character diversity and perks to counter Wraith monsters. So it ends up pubstomping most until player level20… Wait till founders rank themselves out of the starter zone, and you will see much lesser wraiths and max perk monsters.

If they nerf the wraith anymore, the monster might totally fall off in higher-skilled games.


I think that this is the worst part about the wraith. The actual numbers, like damage and health, are balance imo. But the wraith pop supernova, and then decoy, which also supernovas and double the radius of the particles and thrashing limbs, and suddenly you can’t see anything and have no idea what going on except for rapidly declining health bar.

Supernova Clarity Change (Wraith)

No monster can do that anymore with their melee attacks. Simply climbing up is a great counter to Decoy and Supernova.


I am level 15 and always play as a hunter (I have a few weeks experience also with the game when it originally launched). So far I have very mixed experiences against Wraith, just like against other monsters. In the beginning I had a long string of losses against all kinds of monsters and recently things started to go much better. I can’t say that I have a worse win-loss ratio vs Wraith than against others. It just feels different to fight against Wraith and I do like the added diversity it brings. Wraith is maybe the most confusing monster to fight against because of how it moves quickly and getting caught in its huge melee attacks can seem overwelming(??)


Her particles need some reworking, especially with the decoy and supernova thing. Even me who’s played for thousands of hours and having played her as my second monster in the past, find that the addition to the supernova effect on the new decoy is very overwhelming. SENSORY OVERLOAD!


Literally all you do vs wraith is tap space 3 times and she can’t do shit.

She can abduct, which most don’t even take early, but she’s still going to blow decoy and supernova and waste time on them while taking a few seconds to grab you, and then you just do it again.

It’s really not the game designer’s fault you can’t press a button 3 times. :confused: Wraith is the worst monster against people that have learned to press their buttons as she has no way to do good damage against people in the air like all the others can.


Founders believed in the game when many did not, its more than fair. People want to come in and have everything from the start when s lot of us already put 1000+ hours into the game. i spent way too much money on this game, ill take every perk i can get, when it ccomes to console anyway… lol


…hmm… Bucket, is a defensive support for you ?

@innociv, yeah well… it all starts here !
Wraith being countered by people high jetpacking…

High jetpacking people being countered by Wraiths knowing how to deal with that …
Etc. Things get interesting.


The wraith can’t counter the counter, though. She can make it less worse, but if their team comp is good and they’re good players you’re still at a massive disadvantage and simply can’t get up enough dps.

Monster damage going through the shields and heals is reliant on sticking on someone and doing damage. Wraith just can’t do that.


No but you should be a decent TEAM to beat a noob monster.

That is what is getting you so frustrated. You lack experience to realise you lose matches because most of the times the most probable thing is that people around you do not do what they are supposed to do… and it is OK because almost everyone is new to the game!

Yes Wraith is overpowered atm but it is nowhere close to unbeatable. It just cannot be done without coordination and you cannot have coordination with random people in a lobby that in most cases you only say hi.

Get a headset to communicate, add some steam people, play with them more often than with random people. You will get better and see things are not so bad as you see them now. Btw tweaks n fixes will be a regular thing so by the time you do all that the Wraith will be more balanced.

Also this is in a Beta phase which noone seems to comment.
Uninstalling it because Wraith is not so balanced is a bit of a drama m80.


We are working on cleaning that aspect up. The camera shake is what gets me.

We have a task in to investigate supernovae visual impact, there are a couple things in the queue before it, so I don’t know what patch it would be for.


Hey, we have changes to wraith that will make her less frustrating to fight coming over the next couple weeks, starting next tuesdsy. Some of the posters suggested ways to counter her in the meantime.


You need a superb trapper to handle wraith it’ll make it a lot easier. A hard cc trapper like jack or griffin helps as well. It’s hard enough to damage a monster with a trapper letting it jump around freely. It’s even worse with wraith and gorgon.