Was Goliath's Stamina nerfed?


He feels nowhere near as fluid as he used to – it means I need to reconsider my tactics and base build, but I don’t remember any mention of this nerf.

Also, is there a way to read stamina that I’m missing? I keep trying for my 3 escape jumps, and … well, I get 2. It would be extremely helpful to know what my traversal capacity is at any given moment. I’m getting a teensy bit frustrated with the re-occurrence of, "WHY WON’T YOU FUCKING JUMP!?!?!?" :grimacing:


I think you may be hitting his jump bug, basically he’ll “jump” but in reality he didnt do anything. Yeah, Goli has always had a bit of “hit or miss” with his traversals, one moment theyre fluid af and you feel like a boss, next moment you’re flying 200 feet in the air.
Hes just got some probs :grin:


Hrm, I’ve had some issues pre-2.0, but nothing like this, and I was pretty good at mitigating his jumps – basically two jumps and use CH or LS, or jump, take a few steps, jump again. This feels really wonky.


Everything has been wonky for me since 2.0, Goliath just feels…wrong in his current state and i dont like it because i love the big guy, but now…i dunno


Aye, same – his previous values should be reset. He was in a sweet-spot, IMO.


At this point, of all monsters, ive actually found Bob to be the most reliable and hes bugged to high hell, yet i can still do more as him if you catch my meaning


Yeah, I need to put more time in with Bob (I love that). Gonna take Goli back to solo too. Need to reacquaint myself with the big lug. I’m not exactly an online terror, but I had my moments!


I feel like that slingshot thing happens way more often now. I feel like my jumps aren’t going exactly where I’m aiming eihter


I don’t feel it’s the aim so much as the distance. I’m big on jumping from peaks, and I haven’t had that, “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” feeling since 2.0.

It’s more like, "Plunk."


My jumps feel liekt hey don’t go as far actually now that i think about it. I used to soar at stage one but now I feel like I’m skipping





If i could give a few tips, Rock Wall and Fissure are your best friends ever.
Master the wall, Crush em all.
Also, keep in mind that abilities can be cast straight out of a roll much like his heavy attack, so use roll to close distance then immediately cast a skill and they wont have any time to react (ninja rolling rock wall pro strats).
As far as lava bomb goes, just plan ahead, once you get locked on target, thats the target. Remember that, otherwise you’ll miss a ton
Tounge grab is pretty basic, just use it to nab whoever.
Thats all ive got.
Rock and roll man.
Rock and Roll


Yeah, good tips. Thanks! That’s one thing I did notice – he seems to chain pretty well, I just have to figure the rhythm. I did get a nice RW/FS thing going in solo.

What do you like for perks? On Goli, I always go Damage Increase.


I feel confident about LB too, as I’m damned decent with Goli’s RT.


I havent tested a ton of perks on him. Damage increase is decent, Damage Reduce also fits quite nicely, Feeding speed is usually my goto simply because i dont like feeling locked in place.
One that i havent tried but feel like would be a nice touch is Cooldown reduce, i found an elite mammoth bird and i could pump out fissures and walls like no ones business, the raw power i had was phenomenal.


Hrmmm, interesting. I normally stay away from Feeding just because I feel like it’s probably best in a clutch (armor-up in dome), and I tend to try to down the Trapper and bail if possible, obviously at S1, but these days I’m thinking I’d like to hit S3 faster (have gotten so I can get there in the 10 min range now), and having to feed for five or six seconds really does let them close the gap. With this Traversal thing, though, I’m starting to think Stamina.


I havent tested that yet, i never find myself lacking stamina with anyone except for Wraith.
Id say take him for a test run on the dam (thats where i test a lot of stuff, its a perfect map for it)
And if you find yourself lacking stamina even after climbing and rolling, then Stamina would be a good choice for you.


I haven’t noticed anything, and I consider Goliath my main. But I will say pre-patch that in some games it fees like Goliath’s traversal regenerates at 50% of what it should, making for some very frustrating chase situations.


All monsters have a recticle in the middle of the screen that shows how many traversals you have available. Don’t think it shows up if you’re at max, but once you jump I definately see the 2-1-0.


Ive used behemoth a couple of times and i would say im fairly good with him. Armor reg, stamina increase, as well as damage reduction and movement speed are all really helpful with him depending on the maps