Was Feb 10th too soon?


I get the feeling that the Feb 10th release date (the most awaited date for me in 2015 so far) was a date fixed and unable to be changed despite many bugs, even from the big alpha, still here with us (the progress reset bug for example, they hit me on day one alpha).

Would the game have benefited massively from a one month delay or is the community happy with a buggy but earlier release? Maybe 2k or TRS were in a situation where they NEEDED a financial return on the 4-5 year work they have done to make this game happen, or Feb 10th date was a publisher forced affair with the decision to delay removed from the devs?

Personally I’m happy it’s here but also sad to see many people upset and the game’s rep damaged by a very messy release. Thoughts?


I think it was fine. Yes, a lot of new bugs popped up and MM is unrefined, but it’s still an amazing game.


I haven’t seen all that many bugs personally. Some annoying stuff like the Super Jump bug but I really haven’t run into all that much game-breaking stuff. I dunno what else they really would have worked on/added without seeing what they release in the next patch or two.

Honestly, I just can’t expect any game to not have bugs on release. Considering how there’s been some really awful on-release bugs with other games recently I’m fine with minor bugs at this point. Not like older games previous to online patches didn’t have glitches/bugs either. Eh.


All the bugs where present in the alpha and the beta that are in the current release version who knows what they did with the time they had since they delayed the release, seems that it didint go towards fixing the bugs.

There are some new ones also but none got fixed.


People don’t often understand the complexities that come with modern software development (which is what multiplayer games development is). Testing and QA is about trying to work out all of the variables that could present themselves in the real world and try to test them. However the variations and variables are, in a cross platform multiplayer sense, seemingly infinite. Throw in the fact that it’s hard to test how something will react on a live system such as Xbox’s and this is just about the worst thing that can happen for a QA team (morale wise!), because they don’t want to have let anything slip through but there is only so much testing that is humanly possible.

They could have pushed the date back a month, or 3, or 12… the reality is that there would always be a chance of bugs. This is 2015, it’s not 1995. Games used to be released bug free (though sometimes not!) because you could reliably test all the variables, now you can’t. Gamers need to adapt to the times and realise that bugs happen…if they can only play a game for a month they may want to hang back until it’s been out a few months so those bugs can be ironed out.

Testing is what we call a “long tail” activity in the end, that is that you can sink a LOT of time in to bug testing to try and get something perfect but ultimately end up spending a lot of money achieving very little for a long time. At some point, though no gamer wants to hear it, it’s bad economy to keep on bug testing, especially when releasing the product to the wild may show up those bugs much more quickly and more reproducibly.

The main issue here is that the whole accreditation system that has to be gone through for releasing patches is chaos, the delay in being able to patch bugs is horrible, but this isn’t a problem that is caused by the devs, so shouldn’t be the target of any ire on that front.


The worst one for sure is the progress bug. I really feel for those players hit and worry myself about it… Also, a couple of nights ago I was trying to enter matchmaking with my friend and four games in a row we were matched into spectator mode, eventually ending up with me on the Ebon Star and him on the Monster. Oops. I’ve had about 10 games where my team mates can’t even spawn because they are left in the dropship, I clipped through the floor a couple of times as monster, had the infinite HP minion on nest ruin my day and don’t even get me started on the cursor that likes to overstay it’s welcome and go AWOL when it feels like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and despite all this I keep coming back for more, but I wonder how much damage all this has done Vs. a delayed release. L4D wasn’t this buggy, and as far as I remember, L4D kept being pushed back and back…


Also remember that Feb 10th was already a delayed release.


The preview beta was server intensive stress testing, making sure the code behind everyone’s connection didn’t cause the machines to explode in a shower of closed sockets, I don’t think they even touched the game client since then since they went gold within a few weeks of that. Once they’re gold, they can’t do anything with the client except day one patches.


To tell the truth, I have no idea if I’d last another week, or as this suggests, another two months, for the game.


Have seen the Ebonstar bug. Definitely cost the games but it was at least an amusing bug to see XD

Ugh, yea, haven’t had any progress resets myself but that is a pretty bad one.


the answer is yes. feb 10th was about 4 months too soon