Was Evolve Ever Meant To Be Cross Platforms?

I am sure this has likely been asked in the past many times but I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, was Evolve going to ever be cross platforms meaning all platforms can play together in 1 big community?

I ask because looking at it I wouldn’t have said playing on PC to a console would give any major advantage although I suppose aiming could be an issue.

Secondly I was wondering which platform currently has the most amount of players? I am sure there has been a thread for this somewhere but is It Xbox or Ps4? Since its likely to be one of the those 2.

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I’d love this but there are many technical incompatibilities.
Not to mention the versions are slightly different.
Different patches, and PC has text chat.

Usually when people talk about one character or another being strong the issue of “which console do you play on?” comes up, so I think PC might still be vastly ahead on controls just because of what a mouse can do for you instead of an analogue stick.

I could see a PC hunter vs monster on console being close to balanced but console hunters vs PC monsters its alot easier and faster to aim abilities so PC monsters would have an easier time landing rock throws and abducts and I’ve always had a harder time aiming on consoles.

We don’t have player counts for the two consoles and I don’t think any game will ever be compatible between PS4 and X1.

I would love to.

Nah, any game can be compatible but normally if its done it has to be done on release. CSGO, for instance actually had plans to do this but of course the game just can’t be played on console.

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“Can be” , but that would mean MS and Sony would have to come to an agreement and share networking information. Too many loose ends, and no gains except for the players.

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I haven’t heard anything about this but I wish it were like that because a lot of people I’ve met on here play PC but I play Xbox One :frowning:

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Would love if Evolve is crossplay i think Rocket Leaque is 2

Yep, only reason PC and XB1 can play together is Microsoft owns both XB1 and Windows.

Only a matter of time until crossplatform between us to platforms :wink:


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Ermahgurd, cross-platform confirmed everybody, start flooding the forums. XB1 time to meet the PCers.


I was referring to me getting a PC…


Battle of the Gates:

Sweet baby Jesus, it has better become cross platform. This game was made for it.