Was Evolve built to go free to play?


I know this might stir up some controversy and hate, but I believe Evolve might have been built as a game that would eventually go free to play later down the road. Many may see going F2P as a sign of failure, but plenty of games started off as a standard buy, then later went F2P and were even more successful than before: LoL, TF2, SWTOR, DC universe and many others. Now I don’t think any of these games initially had plans to go F2P but with the success of LoL, many publishers (and gamers) opened up to the idea.

What if a game was built from the ground up to start off as a standard buy and then eventually go F2P? How would it look like? A lot like Evolve, no?

Look at it from 2Ks perspective. First sell the game to cover initially costs to produce the game, and then go F2P once you have recouped investment and possibly make even more money with a F2P model. However starting off as a F2P from the start might have scared investors.

I wouldn’t be all that bad, imo. Once it goes F2P, new players (and there would be a lot more of them) would have one tier of hunters and one monster, that rotates at a bimonthly cycle. Maybe have a $60 dollar bundle to get the first 3 tiers of hunters and the first 3 monsters. Of course everyone that bought the game already has them, but they could get legacy skins or some fancy thing like that.

TLDR: Evolve will go F2P, and that was the plan


I don’t think it will. I am responding to just the TL;DR though so ignore me.


And if it did I would want a lot more than the first 3 tiers as someone who paid 60 bucks before this huge shift in structure.


To give you a short answer - no. How do I know? Because this question was already asked to Phil Robb in one (or even a few) of a interviews and he answered it.
The only reason Evolve looks like it’s able to support F2P model is because at some point of development their former publisher THQ suggested making it F2P and sell individual characters like it’s done in LoL. TRS decided that they will not make it F2P, but it gave them an idea of adding many different hunters and monsters into game rather than just a fixed set of 4 hunters. They’re intended to sell hunters and monsters separately, but only those that will be out in the future, while original set of 12 hunters and 3 monsters will always remain as a part of Evolve’s basic content that will not become free (well, maybe 3-5 years later).



Unless you can think of something to give to all the people who bought PC Monster Race edition when he game does go f2p.


Well comparing it to how monsters and hunters are priced ($7.50 and $15 respectively) the first 3 hunter tiers and 3 monsters would cost on their own $135, so $60 is a steal in comparison

Again, $135 for the standard game, plus $15 for behemoth. Another $15 for 5th monster, $30 for 4th tier of hunter, plus $15 for two more hunters; that comes out to $210 which you paid $100 for in the PCMR edition (some people even less). Not to mention all the skins.


Not when you consider that at least 5 of those characters will be free to everyone. I got the digital deluxe edition and preordered so I have already paid for the 4th tier. I am talking the whole 5th and my pick of one hunter from the 6th. If I were a Monster Race owner I would want all 6 and 2 Hunters from the 7 at least.


At a rotating basis. The free characters would change every 2 weeks or so (if they did like most f2p games). Players would have to buy them to keep them permanently. But even if you subtracted those 5 characters, its still comes out to $90, which people paid $60 for.


Skip to 18:38 (or a minute earlier if you want more details). You’re welcome.


comparing it to bf4 pricing if i just want to buy monsters all i have to pay is $30 more for a complete game

thq+relic was killed by f2p coho wasn’t it?


Hey things change. The SWTOR devs also said the game wouldn’t go f2p.


swtor is more of a trainwreck than evolve. evolve is high quality over random quanitity. they could have included monsters like the original goliath (scorpid crab thing) , but they didn’t.


No, it won’t nor should it ever. I don’t want TRS or 2k to give into the complainers and give them what they want.


gobe should be added as a monster


Evolve is not MMO that has much higher costs to keep it alive (not to mention it’s published by EA - most immoral publisher and a chronic liers). Constant source of high income is a goal for MMO games and the only reason they’re being made. That’s why SWTOR had monthly subscription before it went F2P.
Evolve is a different type of game. On top of that Phil Robb doesn’t strike me as a lier, and I usually read people pretty well.


LoL and TF2 are not MMOs, and they made the shift

Again things change, at the time of the interview he probably wasn’t lying. He is the dev though, and I am more looking at 2K’s intentions with Evolve.


Well, I guess you already decided for yourself that the chance of Evolve going F2P is pretty high and it seems like nothing will change your mind. Personally I think that anything is possible, especially considering that we don’t know details of contract between 2K and TRS (although I hope that Phil knew these details while answering the question), but considering all things that we do know, it seems to me that the chance of going F2P is rather low so it’s pointless to ruminate over it. Let’s just give them a chance and see what happens.


Its more like the game is completely structured for a F2P model, and one past quote from a dev doesn’t change that. If Evolve didn’t have all this infrastructure in the game thats ripe for a F2P shift, that quote might have more weight to it.

I still think going F2P down the road wouldn’t be a bad thing.


THQ wanted it to be F2P yes.

I doubt 2K will do it.


Did you watch video about why it is structured this way? They did have such plans after THQ suggested it, but decided to not stick with this plan. However they liked the idea of having many characters to choose from, so that’s why they built it like this. Not to mention that selling extra characters will help them to keep the game alive.

I’m sure they’d much rather work on new games instead of milking Evolve for next 10 years, but that doesn’t mean they want Evolve to die.