Was Darwin wrong? Monsters and Lamarkism

The once obsolete theory of Lamarckism states:

Which means that animals adapt to their environment, obtain the adaptive features in their current life, and then modify their genes to pass them on.

The modern theory of Darwinism holds that we do not change our genes, but rather, we are naturally selected through our fitness, such that the fit will pass on their genes to the next generation, thus explaining evolutionary change.

Punctuated equilibrium, a more modern theory, states:

That means, through geographic upheavals or genetic mutations, certain creatures become what they are through an abrupt change in their environments.

Monsters in Evolve, however, pose an issue: they mutate in one life, and seem to pass down the changes that they have gotten to the next generation, entailing a Lamarkist theory of evolutionary change that propels itself through abrupt punctuated equilibria changes instead of gradualism.

Do you all think that Darwin, after 200 years of being triumphant, has finally been disproven by a pack of monsters?


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I think if they passed down their changes that happened in life we’d get monsters starting in stage 2/3, or having extra points in abilities

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Just to be clear -Evolve is misnamed. The monsters are not evolving: they are undergoing multiple stages of metamorphosis (like a butterfly). The back story seems to imply that the monsters are mutants from birth (a collateral side effect from the mutagen wars). The expressed mutations appear to be increased intelligence and several rapid stages of metamorphosis/growth caused by rapid feeding.

Evolve is a better sounding marketing title for a game.

EDIT: wouldn’t it be cool if the next monster started out like some kind of slug that turned into an armored insect at stage 2, and at stage 3 it gained winged flight?

The working title at the beginning was Metamorphosis, I believe.

This is from their pitch of the game, 2010


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