Warp Blast.. dear God is it better than we thought


Wow, I am blown away by the power that Warp Blast has (pun intended :slight_smile: ).

What do you guys think? Three points in Warp Blast deals about 40-50% damage to a hunter, and let’s not forget that it damages MULTIPLE TARGETS and can be used as a movement ability as a secondary Warp.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am really loving Wraith :smile:


I saw the most freaking sick warp blast play last night. The wraith wanted to bail so she warp blasted straight up.

She dropped a decoy while everyone was wondering where she went, and then she used all three mobility moves angled forward and up. She was flying like a Kraken for a few seconds. It was unbelievable!


its a must have ability at lvl1 imho, its really great to bait out domes

you can zap in twice, use your decoy and zap -warpblast-zap out which gets you out of dome range quite easily or sneak up on to them, warpblast the trapper, pop decoy and just dash out

currently using 2 warpblast 1 decoy at lvl 1 and its really fun.

not to mention you can kill running away wildlife easily


Wow… I need to try that when I play next! Seems like a crazy awesome tactic to use.


Yeah it really is great for mobility, but I usually go 2 Decoy 1 SuperNova then when I stage up I put 1 in SuperNova and the other 2 in Warp Blast. Then I finish off on Stage 3 with a total in 2 in Decoy, 3 in Super Nova, 3 in Warp Blast and 1 in Abduction.


That sounds epic.