⚠ 'Power Rangers' 2017 Movie thread. || Red Ranger Set photos


You are like…months behind. Did you see the female rangers heels?





LOL, about about Elizabeth Banks? She looks badass af though.



Sorry, my wife just corrected me. Those are wedges.


They’re like alien technology thats why its so robotic.


Your wife is right, but STILL

What kind of frickin ninja would wear those… none, that’s what


Yeah, I wonder if they’re backpedaling on that design.


Never under estimate the tactical advantage of combat wedges

Or breast armor. Sternums be damned.



Tactical and tacticool


I read that as “tentacool”… Need to stop playing Pokemon…


I love it.



I know it’s a little late to talk about those ranger designs, but fuck it, I’m gonna analyze them.

On the one hand, they look a little…cluttered. They suffer in part from the same thing that ails the Bayformers–they’re unnecessarily complex. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make the designs look more updated and futuristic; that’s part of the fun of a reboot. However, looking at typical ranger designs from the different incarnations of the TV show, this is just…overboard.

It also feels like something else is off. I want to say they’re too…geometric? The male rangers feel like trapezoids; much more so than a shirtless guy, which is how you know there’s a problem because bodybuilders have this same visual quality. It’s kinda hard to explain, but I don’t know how to put it other than “the guys look like bricks with legs.”

The boobs in the girls’ suits are also downright lame. If you’re gonna do fanservice, do it right; AKA not like this. Make it feel like it’s a legitimate part of the design that adds something, not a fucking tit pocket. Because that’s what this is: a tit pocket. Tit pockets are dumb. Just give them a really tight suit if you really want to expand our Zordongs, but this…this is just not right. The heels are stupid too, but they’re not running from a T. rex in them, at least.

And is it just me, or are their helmets really…blocky, for lack of a better word? They just don’t feel as streamlined as they should be. In fact, their entire suits should be more streamlined. I get that it’s supposed to be more like armor, but can’t it be less bulky?

That said, they do have some redeeming qualities. The color schemes work out pretty well, and the placement of the lights in the armor is a neat touch. Most importantly, they’re easily recognizable as the OG Power Rangers.


I’m surprised no one posted Dino Zords posters yet.


me too, i thought someone would eventually so i didn’t bother.


Here though.