⚠ 'Power Rangers' 2017 Movie thread. || Red Ranger Set photos


I think that’s my issue with them.


Black and yellow look so fucking cool. They were always my favorite rangers. I’m glad their new suits didn’t let me down. The others are just okay to me.

But yay for red finally looking more like the leader of the pack!


#POPULAR FAN THEORY = Rita is a fallen Ranger?

I knew something was up when they made her green.


Wasnt her power that made the green ranger in the first place or was that lord zedd? Also i wonder how they would make him o.O


Rita created the Green Ranger, until we get more plot points we wouldn’t know if they will do him for this movie or the sequel.


I dont know why i said movie but yeah i edited my post :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah the theory thing about her being a fallen ranger is cool


She could be the 6th ranger. Turns evil, gets defeated, and then transfers some power to Tommy to set up the sequel.

Elizabeth did specifically say that the new Rita is tied to the rangers in a different way than OG Rita.


The theory sounds plausible enough.





Why is that surprising to you? Bryan Cranston has been involved with the Power Rangers franchise almost from the beginning. He voiced several villains in the first few seasons, and Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, was named after him.


Because I had no idea? I never really followed Power Rangers to that level as a kid.




It’s Morphing Time Triceratops!



Can’t find it now but I saw a supposed still of the red Zord. Looked badass!


That was concept art.


The hell is this?!

###These costumes look like if Joel Schumacher fucked a bag of Jolly Ranchers!


They’re trying to appeal to casuals, meaning doing what Disney is doing with the Marvel universe. :stuck_out_tongue: