⚠ New Steam privacy setting


Indeed that is the only acceptable kind of smurf lol

Nothing like a Console Pleb teaching a few PC Mustard Races a thing or two on how Wraith is actually a threat!


I played a match in Hunt Beta as monster…took Wraith and went all in, because I can’t check hours now. I defeated them a bit too easily. I then got re-matched with them and decided to pick a monster I only used once, maybe twice before in solo play…Glacial Behemoth (I was a level 4). Even though I didn’t know what buttons did what, and I made tremendously bad plays, I still won. And there is nothing that can be done about it.


Yep. Done that before. I have to intentionally lose if I want to actually lose to noobs. I already set my profile to Private because idiots keep picking on me because of my play time (2k+ hours) and make me stamp them out beneath my heel.

Remember kids: The guy on the other side of the screen just wants to play for an hour or two in peace. If you piss him off or troll him, you’ll find out just how good at the game he really is.

My WLR sits comfortably at a 12.1 (monster main) so it alleviates some of those problems, I can half-heartedly go into a match, but generally I get paired with players who are able to take me on under the right circumstances.

As far as the other stuff, I’ve been around long enough that I recognize most of the players who’ll give me a run for my money, so I tend to play half-heartedly unless I recognize a certain set of emblems or a set of names.