⚠ New Steam privacy setting


There’s been a new rule about the privacy of the players’ games and details. I bet many of you have seen players with empty game lists, but this is not a bug.
There’s a new setting that allows or prevent players from seeing your games and the details about the games you played.
This is the setting in question:

Go to your profile’s settings from “My Privacy Settings” and change your public / friend only / private preferences, that’s all I have to say.


I do not like this at all. I see the change and hate it because I tend to go easier on newer players or players with lower hours. I will play a class or a character I am not good at when I see low hours. If I monster, I go easier on them. Now I feel like I have to go balls to the wall every match. I would rather somebody see my hours and dodge me than get into a match where they will just get upset. 'Course I would not hide my hours but just saying. Almost everyone now is hiding all of their game hours. It is a natural thing for me to check every player’s hours pre-match and now there is no point.


That’s why I put everything to public in those settings, because otherwhise it would make me look suspicious.



@garratose…we get it, you like memes, but this is serious.
I also never understood your memes.


I wonder if we could troll @Garratose back by asking one of the moderators to give him the flair name of “resident troll”.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would actually appreciate that at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


I get it, I do it too. But again, If Brawlhalla’s taught me one thing, never judge anyone by the amount they’ve played.

They can be ranked Tin but still kick ass. They could have 60 hours but a 100 game win streak.



I have complicated thoughts about this. Should I leave everything as it is, or go invisible?

Both options have pros and cons.


Forgive me, but I honestly don’t see the significance of this. You can hide your stuff now. Doesn’t seem at all like a big deal to me.


You shouldn’t be adjusting your play style based on someone’s played hours. Aside the fact it could be a smurf, you should always play however you damn want to play. Period.


Isn’t her choosing to go easy on someone else based on hours played literally playing how she wants?


I’ve gotten rolled by smurfs before…I know, but even so. Courtesy would be to do it this way so that a player doesn’t get boned so hard they quit the game before even getting a taste of it.


So people peep peoples private play progress?


Potent Potables


I had fun.


I’m interested in inquiring intriguing information in indexed intelligence in illicit iconic imagery.


And how do you suppose they will learn when you go easy on them?


You were in the match earlier when I took EGriff…I held the monster practically the entire game with Griff’s guitar riff playing the whole time. Clearly had no concept of a harpoon existing. While incredibly amusing, I don’t think he learned!


Not a huge fan of this myself. I’d do the same as Sledge and look at the hours played.

Of course in my, rare, case I spent a LOT of hours on Console and within 10 hours on PC someone thought I was a smurf account when I was kicking their ass as Monster.

I was just fairly familiar with the game and held onto my tactics on Console and brought them to PC.
I still remember the “Something doesn’t seem right…” comment in the open chat during a match lol


Players coming from consoles are the acceptable kind of smurf :slight_smile:.