⚠ DANGER ZONE! ⚠ Azmi is an Archer character (FX's Archer art) [Hijacked into a color hating thread]


#The Original picture

#Ready to get into the danger-zone!

#Tried it with pink hair, because pink is awesome. But I ended up looking like a troll.

##Did more experimenting but I ended up looking like Ray so I stopped. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think, good enough to change as my profile picture?


I saw this in the Discord and was wondering about. I kinda like it. Don’t like pink though.


You don’t like pink at all do you :stuck_out_tongue: :?

I would say yes, but not the one with the mustache


Nope, don’t like it at all. People don’t like me for it, but it’s my opinion. It’s just too “gay”, for the lack of a better word, for me.


How can a color be be gay? :laughing:


Like I said, lack of a better word. I just feel that the color is rather flamboyant or really sticks out. It’s irritating to my eyes, and I feel like it just demands attention.


When I see pink, I think corporate greed.


And I mean gay in the non-sexual orientation kind of way.


I completely understand :slight_smile:

Well pink is not really a man’s color it’s a girl thing. So I guess…Yea I have no idea what I’m saying or where I’m going with this. Just Google it :stuck_out_tongue:


Pink being a girls thing is a capitalist agenda to sell the same products with a different coat to more people and is a relatively new thing.

They started it by saying that since (at the time) pink is a color that is very brass and strong like red it was a man’s color (whatever that means) that if a woman were to wear them it would mean they were empowered because they were wearing a man’s color. Trying to cash in on the female empowerment movement of the early 20th century.

Other industries (especially children related industry) followed interest on what was now a bigger market because they can sell more stuff if they said x color was for x gender. -_- its really disgusting when you think about it.


Do you want ants?


because that’s how you get ants.


Lol you look like a girl with a mustache! :stuck_out_tongue:


So “happy and excited : cheerful and lively”?



Which was why going bald was so much fun.



Babou is that you?


Nope, just friendly neighborhood Snow Leopard.