Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


The thread was probably prepared ahead of time but hidden from the public eye.


Hey Aramet, remember these sprites?


@Goldie I have one request for B4B: bring Emet along. I want character with personality disorder that will behave just like Emet. He’s the best game character ever created.


I’m freaking the fuck out right now!!! Please let this work out!! Thank you so much turtle rock!


TRS back in action? With a game about zombies?

That sounds…


Thrilling. :sunglasses:


yep! I can’t believe they’re still on here, haha! Still have them sitting in with Gorgon and all my little WIP sprites that I didn’t like or never finished (and my favorite little turrets and drones! <3).

Maybe B4B will have some spriteable content!


My friend! This excites me very much so!! The one thing I ask of you all is too keep the spirit of at least 4v4 action. Playing as both survivors and infected has kept me playing L4D2 for over eight years!!!


I have some ideas regarding Back 4 Blood:
First of all: A rich lore told during gameplay between main characters relationships, and not cinematics.
Different places: It gets a bit boring being always placed on the American Continent, it would be interesting knowing what’s happening also in other places in the world, like Italy or Germany or Japan or wherever the virus has spreaded.
Different characters: Quite alike the latter, but with the survivors: what if a survivor is just a tourist who doesn’t understand English very well and cannot understand the others?
Time delay during campaigns: Each campaign has its place in the time and I believe the survivors get affected by this, like, if those are males, they will start growing a beard.
Microtransactions: Microtransactions are only a good idea if those are decorations, but those will probably make the future Back 4 Blood Community have a toxic behaviour on who won’t have any of’em.
Infecteds: I believe a lot of people like zombified and mutated enemies, but those need a limit for the mutations.
Mutated enemies shouldn’t carry a chainsaw and shouldn’t be mutated into something not-anthro-alike ( please avoid things like a moving blob of flesh with 300 eyes over it ).
I mean, keep it realistic, don’t make zombie dragons or other immaginary zombified enemies.

Last and not really necessary is the possibility of getting a tool to make Custom Maps or Gamemodes so people would play them and rate the developers.

Sorry for my rough English. I’m not a Native Speaker.


Looking forward to hearing / seeing more about B4B! :^D


Yes you better and will!


It just occurred to me that this can still be a fantasy game. That might be part of how TRS is going to make it stand out against the smorgasbord of other zombie shooters.


Please have zombie dogs…please have zombies dogs…
and zombie bears, and zombie cows, and zombie cats, and (rambles on and on and on)


The dark fantasy FPS they had spoken off was in production with Perfect World, and they have parted ways, so now we have Warner Brothers and Back 4 Blood. They are two separate games, but TRS’s main focus is on one game at a time, and B4B is that title.



…Still could be fantasy, though. Every other zombie FPS has some sort of plague/post-apocalyptic zombie menace, but a more voodoo-based theme could help this one stand out.


I wouldnt be against it!




Modern setting zombie game?
I can’t wait to see gameplay and graphics, and since the FAQ said PvP is in I hope there is a play as the zombie mode.


Shit son, everyone and their mother is coming back/for the first time to the forum over this. Hope it’s a good sign, folks.


And Zom-Bees


Super excited for this game and I’m sure it will be great just like L4D and evolve!!!

Would love to have a bunch of different characters with their own pros and cons and more kinds of playable “special infected”.

Also I know having 4 players is a tried and tested formula, but I would love to have the option to have more than 4 playable survivors at a time. :smiley:

Damn I’m pumped!