Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


And also while the wave of games after L4D did saturate out the zombie game market, and the zombie element has been persistent in other game add-on modes, I’d say that in recent times the focus (thanks to Overwatch?) has been more on hero shooters rather than zombie experiences.

Not to say that it is fresh time to re-open the Zombie genre for all, just that I think audiences in general have had a break from Zombies for a while. By the time this game actually comes out, even more so.

That said, 100% all for a new twist or take on Zombies if it can be done… but I’ll take having a more polished and updated L4D style experience over worrying about enemies feeling fresh. Evolve was the first game since L4D that had that same rush while in a co-op and it’s that ability to create an exhilarating experience that I’m looking for more than anything. Just my opinion of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dear TRS.

I’m really glad you guys are working on another co-op zombie shooter! Really loved the L4D series!

A quick question: I know everybody in the world only has 3 friends, as suggested by many co-op games, but will there be any plans to have a bigger group mode for people like myself who has more than 3 friends?

Asking for that fourth friend.


Regardless of my lack of interest in zombies, I’m still greatly looking forward to the game and I’m hoping their creativity far surpasses mine on what can be done with zombies that hasn’t been covered already.


Oh my. This just made my day so much better. Can’t wait to hear more about this.


Welcome @HONGSHI!

Good question, I think it’s about time that co-op games had some form of scaling that allowed for a few less, or a few more, people to be part of the group. I don’t mind if that makes the balance a little screwy outside of the ideal party size, but it’d be nice to not have to do that whole “We need to find one more!” or “Sorry we just got our 4th” thing so often.


Wait, wasn’t TRS’s next title going to be some kind of fantasy game?


I hear you on this. I was excited for “Dark Fantasy” much less excited for “Zombie Shooter”. But I am still excited to see what TRS can cook up, see if they can get me interested in a genre that I feel is over-saturated.



I’ll make a separate bank account that will contain only 60 dollars in it and it will be locked until the game’s release date.

You guys rock! And though WB as a publisher is still kind of on the lower end of the trustworthiness spectrum (looking at MKX) it’s AMAZING news that you guys are working on this new game, especially since it’s a co-op zombie shooter!


Not 2 days! They only published this today!


Hey Terepin,

First off, I love how passionate you are regarding what we’re up to, and I can understand it’s frustrating that we aren’t telling you more. So I thought I’d explain a few of the main reasons why we announced so early:

  1. We love talking to you guys and we want to hear what you think! What do you think of zombie games? Of co-op? Hell, of any game for that matter? What’s exciting to you as a gamer? What are your expectations? We want to engage with our community as early as possible, even if we can’t show much yet.

  2. We need to hire people! You are right that the last time we really made the news, we were kind of on the ropes after Evolve was cancelled. And if you are a game developer and that’s the last thing you hear about Turtle Rock, then you probably aren’t going to be scouring our web page for a job. The games business is TOUGH and people want to know a place is stable before they look there for a new gig. We needed to let people know that we aren’t just a stable company, but we’re in the best shape that we’ve ever been and we have a HUGE and supportive partner fully backing our own original title. We’re heading to a big game developers conference next week with the hopes of recruiting great developers. Telling people what we’re up to helps us reach our goal.

So I can totally get you being skeptical of us announcing without a lot of detail. Hopefully this helps clarify things a bit.


Excellent news!!!
Hope you guys will be using the Ai Director but in a pimped version since L4D2!!!
I had a blast when I’ve worked to adapt it into a project I’ve worked on in the past!!!

Keep it up and will keep a watch on it!!



Thanks for the welcome, @niaccurshi

I agree! I feel like if co-op games that are mostly PvE, there should be an option to have more than 4 player parties.

Maybe scaling could work like there will be more hordes or special zombies appear more often. Perhaps boss HP increased by 5% per extra players? Would be interesting to see something like this come up one day in the co-op gaming scene.


Give us more alien worlds. Shear was an amazing planet to explore. You guys do strange creatures well. I want more of that.

Obviously can’t get more Evolve but more alien realms would be great.


Ahhhh! Long time fan of your games. Probably 300+ days in hours played in your games can’t wait to give feedback or help out the team in any way I can. Hope you are looking for experienced voices!


It’s a healthy scepticism though, not hatred. I’ll keep watching game’s progress and even play it once it comes out.


But the OP says it was posted 2 days ago! I’m sure this wasn’t here when I checked yesterday so I was shocked to see the date this was posted I mean… The only reason I’ve been checking the forums at least once a week for the past 3 years was to get some news on TRS’s new project so I think I would’ve noticed lol

But this is EXCITING


Gauntlet and Monster Hunter styled games works like that iirc. Enemies have more health the more players are playing. There’s still a 4 player limit, but scaling does exist and it’s fairly simple to implement and balance, I suppose.


I’m really glad to see TRS back in the public eye! I hope to see them do well with this game, as usual. I love the hell out of L4D and made a lot of good memories on it, similarly to Evolve, and hope this game finds a similar place in my nostalgia. :blush:

Looking forward to see more news on this game in the coming months - I don’t want to get too excited just yet with so little information on the table, but I am still quite happy with the announcement! Will definitely give this game a shot at the first chance I get.

Also, holy crap, so many old names in this thread! It feels weird to scroll through and read everything. Hi, everyone. :grin:


If I had the money to go to these conferences… I’ve learned a hell of a lot doing my own thing over the past year and a half, but if travel to these industry conferences weren’t so damn expensive, I’d have learned more. :confused:

Regardless, best of luck to y’all, I’ll make another application when my resume is beefier.


The thread was made two days ago, but it wasn’t visible for the public until today. :wink:

But yes, this is exciting! :slight_smile: