Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Oh trust me I know. I had a friend who ran the warehouse of a computer store… He had all the versions of doom with the insane hardest fan made stuff…

Too just watch this guy play it was insane. From reflexes to managing an ungodly amount of incoming attacks.

I agree with you on that… I wonder how he likes the latest 3d versions?


Ok, Sooo Lets speculate on this.

continuation of the l4d style game but with a MMP element to it? Will it even have vs style multiplayer?

hmmmm… either way I have always loved their spawning engine


Yeah this is a completely different game. Would have been nice to see what they had cooking up with Perfect World, but that probably won’t be possible for a long while at least.


This is quite normal in the industry, sadly. Shipping a good game is no cakewalk. :open_mouth:


^ Can attest to that… Been a year and a half since my last announcement on my game and it’s still going at the pace of a snail.



Hell yeah! I’ve been looking forward to a new game ever since I heard the news that Evolve was shutting down. You guys are awesome and I know that this is going to turn out great! I can’t wait to see more!


Thanks so much!


Thank you to everyone for all the support and the feedback! We want you to know we are listening to your hopes, fears, and dreams AKA suggestions :wink: and this is exactly what we wanted. Knowing what you want most helps us out.





YES! We already let him know someone had requested this and got a good laugh out of our area all around.


Here’s to hoping WB won’t fuck up like 2k announcing 100$ editions and different kind of season passes before the release of the game.

As for the game itself i’m sure its gonna be fun.Good luck bois and girls


Now THIS is the kind of healthy reaction I was hoping to see! Come here, lemme hug you! whispering into ear: “you smell good”


Cool beans :ok_hand:


I was wondering about that. Free to play title from Open World, correct?

Is this game free to play as well?


The FAQ says it’s going to be an AAA title and that price points haven’t been decided. I personally assume given the change in partnership that it may end up being a more traditional or hybrid pricing model… but… who knows? It’s early days yet but clearly they haven’t committed in the same way they could with Perfect World (I think? Not “Open World”?)

How much is it going to cost?

  • We haven’t locked down a price point yet, but the game will be a premium, AAA title.

And for those that haven’t seen the FAQ link, it’s here again


As I’m sure this new title will be nothing short of an amazing game, it’s highly unlikely it will be more unique then Evolve. Congrats tho nonetheless.


My only gripe is zombies. I wish it was something more interesting.

I’m sure it’s going to be a good game and I look forward to it but we have all seen a lot of reanimated corpses at this point.

I just want more unique enemies.


Well to be fair “zombies” can take on several different forms. L4D (at least according to the lore) weren’t zombies in the traditional sense (they were still alive), the Last of Us had fungus zombies.

But like I said, best bet is to wait it out and see what they release publicly.


Sure i agree.But when was the last time we had a good co-op zombie game?

I can only remember L4D2.CoD zombies were never my thing.Meanwhile even on 2018 we would still play some L4D2 lans on my internet cafe.That game still has a lot of replayability and its fun.It doesn’t have to be flashy or anything.

Edit.I actually hope its a co-op zombie focused instead of a big cinematic experience like TLoU is


Like waves of Aliens would be cool, not to mention that there would be no limit to imagination whereas with zombies it’s less the case.

Still excited though. I mean, everyone that played L4D knows the witch and boomer so I’m excited to see what kind of new enemy types they would create.