Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Terepin, go take a break please, what does this add to further the conversation?


Please , dont forget to add local coop as left 4 dead had. I definitevely will not buy it if I will not be able to play with friends in the same ps4.


Could you confirm at least that offline coop will be available?


First off, I’ve had a similar experience to DarK where I’ve generally seen favorable and excited comments, though maybe we all have bias towards our expectations.

Second, the heck do you think you’re accomplishing by coming here and shitting on us for having some excitment and happiness? Go write a angsty review or something somewhere else, or comment on actual released information. Like you said, there’s not much released yet, but that also implies not much for you to attack. Let’s all just watch with our expectations and we can fight later, but if the only thing you’re trying to do is crush peoples happiness and excitement for nothing but your personal expectations, please pass. You’ve stated your opinion, I’ll look forward to reading your comments when new info is released, till then let people have their moment. Thanks.


Howdy Terepin, i can understand if you’re not so enthused, but I don’t think it’s okay to actively try and put a damper on other people’s enthusiam, alright? I suggest taking a break from commenting for a little while. Just relax, take it easy. Let folks enjoy something even if you don’t feel the same way.

In the Interim, let’s ALL take it down a notch.


I think it’s worth everyone remembering that while people commenting on news with hatred, or cynicism, can absolutely have legitimate concerns (that are far too early to have in the case of this announcement), you only have to look at situations like the campaign of negative commentary that goes along with things like Captain Marvel (as a recent example) to know that there are a core but very vocal minority of people that can’t let certain things go.

Some minority of gamers will not forget that Jim Sterling told them that TRS was ripping them off with Evolve, and they will live to the end of their lives shitposting about TRS. Nothing TRS does will stop that from happening. What we have to ask ourselves is are we going to amplify those voices, or just let them be?

This thread is about celebrating a new IP, from developers that we here know we can trust. Let people be negative over on the comment threads of the platforms that seem to exist solely to let them circle-jerk hate. Maybe leave it at the door before bringing that negativity here?

I’d like to think that we as a community here can learn from what happened with Evolve, and that’s to let sleeping dogs lie a bit more, and also to respect that this is a space for people that are excited by, and love, TRS’ work.


If you see my comments as attacking, that’s your problem. However, if you wanna see real attacking, then read my comments under Evolve articles, because as a fan of the game, I keep fighting for it, I still play it and still enjoy a lengthy discussions about it. My conscience is clear. What did you do for Evolve in the past months?

It’s really funny though. I got attacked by haters for defending Evolve and now by Evolve “fans” for not sharing the over-the-top ridiculous excitement. Doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t.


Woot Woot and a complete sentence!


We’re not asking you to share it Terepin, just to respect it.


As someone who really likes Jim, this one stung. He gave a somewhat fair(for Jim) chance to stage 2, but the damage was done.
Now folks, let’s move this thread back on track! We have a NEW IP on the way. It’s all speculation at this point(beyond the FAQ) and I’m interested to see folks predictions for the game.


I do respect it. Me questioning the reasonability behind this overzealous reactions isn’t attack. I didn’t call anyone names. I’m simply questioning the reactions itself.


Your questioning was more aggressive than necessary right out of the gate.

That being said, let’s move on.


English is also my second language.

But I’ll move on.



Doom is senseless fun for sure


On the contrary, DOOM, just like any doom shooter, requires on high difficulty levels a lot of strategizing.


Missed you so much Slinks!


Who knows how this game will turn out, I and many others hope it’s amazing, but only time will tell!

All I know for the moment is that the nostalgia and memories combined with future excitement are making butterflies in my belly and a smile on my face :smiley_cat:


Hey I’m really happy to see you too! :blush:


Apparently the comment section got quite long and I’d come back to read on it later but wow, I registered the forum a few months back for solely ‘L4D nostalgia’ reason and my interest in the new dark fantasy game… (Jokingly saying about L4D being dark fantasy too, ooch, do I have a prophetic vision?) I’m pleased with the news.

I wouldn’t expect much, but hope the ‘special infected’ in this game will be cool with interesting lore. A lot of zombie games have their bosses mutation on the monstrous, grosteque look which is quite a common thing in video games but I love the feeling of the superpower subtleties the original Left 4 Dead had. Something that made you question if they’re more human than you think, just like the survivors from the other side.

Or maybe I should stop caring about special infected that much… haha