Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Is it gonna have single player options? Or the ability to play without a constant internet connection? Cause that’s really the only request I have for the game.



Got my attention. Throwing my name in the hat.


We all knew they are not dead and working on new game. This news is as shocking as reading in paper that tomorrow the sun will rise again.


No-one knew what type of game they were working on, nothing this specific. Let people be happy.

Edit: Like… me personally, I was always looking forward to hearing what they had planned, but the idea of a “remake” in some way of L4D is super interesting, more than I was actually hoping for the project to be. It feels both like it makes sense and that it has come out of the left-field at the same time.


I’m so happy to see new members flowing in after this news! Lets get hype boys!


Will we ever know what that one was about? Cause I think it’d be a nice story to hear


Doubtful due to NDAs, they typically extend beyond the life of a project. Maybe one day, though!


Omg it’s actually happening. I was actually getting tired of l4d2. Ty


Welcome aboard! What stuff do you hope this new game might feature to improve it from L4D2?


One post about a game has already gotten new accounts made as well as a couple old people coming back. I wasn’t expecting that.


Omg, Plaff incoming!


Ooo this is exciting. Can’t wait to hear more :smiley:


So many new and old faces, it’s amazing




Excited about this! My wife loved L4D, so I’m hoping to play this with her, split-screen… local co-op please!


Same for my wife and I!


Hyped about this!! you better not show anything whilst I’m away on holiday.






Video In progress


It has PvP and I believe Left 4 Dead had a mode where you could play as Zombie vs the survivors.


Correct, it was called Versus