Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


So reading through the FAQ, this will basically be a 2020 reimagining of Left 4 Dead as a new IP?
Interesting, hopefully they will offer more customization than L4D, considering the game was fun but outside versus mode, it had in my opinion, not that great replayability.


Liking this on every god damn platform I can find…


Looking forward to hearing more.


I can kinda guess your reviews of them…


I played the shit out of the original, but the sequel felt way more difficult and didn’t have the staying power for me.


Ohhhhh, your boy’s been waiting for this shit for a hot minute. Very excited to see how this plays out.


I thought we were gonna get the game with perfect world first but I guess not. This is kinda exciting though. I’m curious on how it will look and what the story will be.


So, from what the FAQ says, the “unannounced original IP” was going to originally be with Perfect World… is that the partnership that has gone separate ways?

Edit: And while I’m sure stuff is always subject to change, you’re still working on a licensed/existing IP title too? I know that’s not for this thread I just wondered if that might be a good clarification for the FAQ too…


Welp, I look forward to hearing more.


Hey niaccurshi, we’re no longer working with Perfect World and we aren’t working on a licensed IP either.


I know this game was just announced and the details are scarce; I just want to get my request out early on. One thing that I would REALLY like the game to have is splitscreen. I understand that the main gameplay and functionality is most important, but if there is an opportunity to have splitscreen on consoles, where it is possible to squeeze it in— even potentially having worse frames/texture quality than if playing single player —I would at least be happy to have it. Even to this day, me and my sister play Left 4 Dead on my xbox through backwards compatibility. Over the years we have stuck with Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty zombies because other so-called “co-op” games are only online co-op. I know the days of every game having splitscreen are over, but I honestly think the inclusion of splitscreen would set the game apart from other co-op zombie/horror games releasing nowadays. If splitscreen fits with the gameplay and doesn’t subtract from the quality of the rest of the game , please find a way to include it.

Dead Island: Online Co-op Only
Dying Light: Online Co-op Only
*Overkill’s TWD: Online Co-op Only
State of Decay/2: Online Co-op Only
Dead Rising Series: Online Co-op Only
World War Z: Online Co-op Only
Killing Floor/2: Online Co-op Only
GTFO: Online Co-op Only
Earthfall: Online Co-op Only
Zombie Army Trilogy: Online Co-op Only
Strange Brigade: Online Co-op Only
Call of Duty Zombies: Local/Online Co-op
Left 4 Dead: Local/Online Co-op
7 Days to Die: Local/Online Co-op

I understand that evolve did not have splitscreen since the game was competitive and splitscreen would in turn have less foliage/etc. causing the monster to have a harder chance at hiding.

I just wish IF POSSIBLE, even if it means having a worse experience in splitscreen, that it has it.


Thanks, I’m clearly just out of the loop :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the TRS forums Pancake! Also, splitscreen is a nice suggestion, I loved playing Halo Reach with my friends and cousins that way. :heart:


Hope that will be a split screen co-op game, i loved the two Left 4 Dead because of that.
No internet connection can replace a couch.


Yeah, screw people who are happy about seeing the people who gave us, and still is, the best zombie coop shooter, back in business after having fallen off the face of the Earth after the disaster which was Evolve. A company many people loved/love is suddenly making something new. Nah, screw being happy about that.
You must be the light of the party, buddy :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg, thats gonna be cool! please do some cool music and strong atmosphere, because we all remember L4D 2 as a badass game where is soundtrack and atmosphere was amazing! GOOD LUCK!


They’re back!™


Yes. We are no longer working on that project this is a different one entirely.


Thank you all for the patience and support through all of this! In case you missed it i’m gonna put the FAQ right here: Back 4 Blood Announce FAQ