Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Omfg, Nia. Bee puns?! Really?!


Oh yeah, since its popular this days,please for the love of god.Tell WB to not do anything stupid with Epic Launcher exclusive or timed exclusivity.

Doesn’t matter if you make a game that is absolutely a masterpiece.It will be boycotted worst than Evolve did with 2k’s pricing model.


His post was as wonderful as a Pablo Bee-casso piece


I request that you let your foley folks go wild. Love Evolve’s creative sound design. Would also love combat to feel MEATY.


You. Stop it.


You can’t bear it can you?


Bear puns, especially self referential ones, are okay.


Guess we need a course about the birds and the bees


(okay, that’s enough OT :stuck_out_tongue:)


Fine, but I’ll beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryouknowwhatIhopethisgamedoeswellthereisalotofcompetitionrightnowinthegamingmarketwithgameslikedaysgoneandworldwarzpopulatingthezombiemarketandcountlessbattleroyalesandothercoopshooterssowewillseewhathappenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee back


L4D1 & 2 were cool, but I stopped playing after teams of 3 kept vote kicking me out for no reason.


Zombie giant goldfish


I’m really excited for this and I just want to say that I really appreciate hearing about this now, even though there isn’t much to show. I always think that more communication with the players is better in the games industry, and many developers lose a lot of goodwill when they go radio silent on anything related to the game for long periods of time. Glad to hear good work is happening at TRS :smiley_cat:


I’ve never played the left 4 dead games so this should be a cool experience.


Oh wow, I have been desperate for a L4D3. I’ve been losing hope tho with the little info you can get about Valve and l4d3. l4d2 is my most played multiplayer game on steam with around 2,5k hours. Most time i spend in Versus (most fun game mode ever) but after having periods of joining random ultra stupid modded servers without the option to turn that off (there is an option but it’s not working, gg valve) i lost interest after a hard fought while. it’s still my favorite zombie shooter and i am super happy to see that anouncement.

First of all it’s called Back 4 Blood which automatically translates to Left 4 Dead in my head, that’s great. Is this the final Name btw?

Now some early Feedback that comes to mind in a Brainstorm.

  1. Have that PvP be Survivors vs Special Infected alas Versus mode from l4d. (Most fun mode ever)

  2. Keep those SI strong, just like in l4d, if a smoker grabs you, you need to be saved from a teammate. this strenghtens teamplay and prevents easy rush 2 win scenarios. Don’t let survivors free themselfes, unless with a one time consumable item or at a high cost.

  3. When casual Zombies hit you you get slowed down alas l4d… simple but brilliant for pacing (also prevents rushing) [Uhh, how about a passive special infected that slows you/aoe down for 8 seconds?)

  4. Special Infected should have 3 forms.

  • Aggressor (pin and dmg suvivors) eg. Hunter, Jockey, Charger
  • Passive (passive dmg) eg. Spitter
  • Supportive (debuffing survivors) eg. Boomer
  • Boss like tank?!
  1. Dialogue Wheel! it’s super fun if you can passive communicate with other survivors and making fun. (don’t talk about spamming rochelles laugther idk!)

  2. Ai Director or whatever it’s called you used to spawn enemies, similar concept as l4d.

  3. Get the pacing right, especially in versus.

  4. Maybe customization, like dead by daylight. Outfits and hairstyles? but same characters with background etc.

My god if i don’t stop here i won’t so i am really excited! The more it reminds me of l4d the better, it was a game that had all the mechanics. It was SIMPLE and yet so EFFECTIVE that’s why l4d is so brilliant. don’t take away too much. I think we’d rather have a l4d3 with a new name than a l4d3 sequel that is completley different because (ohh we can’t just copy too much from l4d, can’t we? you got this!)

If there is specific feedback i can give based on my experience with l4d pm me or something i’d be happy to help.

EDIT: I KNOW i basically just said make l4d3 lmao! you did it before, those gameplay mechanics i mentioned above are things that should be kept it’s what made versus feel good.


@GrizzleMarine 's video got me thinking, with that art he showed, something akin to the Phyrexians from the Magic The Gathering universe would be disgustingly cool to see.


These are fighting words here.


Doesn’t this mean that we will probably have to wait for another 4-5 year or so ?


I am so excited for this. Plus… Told ya everyone… announcement would happen around this time…



Is it Evolve with zombies or is Evolve just L4D but with Aliens? :thinking: