Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”

I’ll be there, even though they are putting the breaks on the hype train! On Twitter they’ve said there won’t be major news or anything, just a bit of a “dusting off” of the Twitch channel


I’m excited! :nerd_face:

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They said info on the community content. Perhaps we’ll see what the changes will be to the forums?

Oh My God y Tambien Tendra Pantalla Dividida.?? Quiero Jugar ese Nuevo con mi Hermano.

We don’t know yet.

This has been asked a lot, though, so keep an eye on the FAQ: Back 4 Blood Announce FAQ


Hola Luis! Bienvenido a los foros de TRS!

Todavía no se ha comprobado esa información, pero yo también admito que estaría genial si el juego incorpora eso.

La única información que tenemos al momento sobre Back 4 Blood se encuentra aquí:

Si quieres mantenerte actualizado sobre cualquier cosa relacionada a Back 4 Blood, entonces mantente pendiente a las redes sociales de TRS y a su canal de Discord. :+1:t3:


YO! Tambien Dijo los Mismo! jugar con mi hermano! y Estoy en las Espera! del Creador!

I want Back 4 Blood to come out, with new things and getting dlcs of L4D1 and L4D2, with homemade and not homemade melee weapons.

That the main weapon can be customized more

flashlights with batteries to be recharged in places or shelters, and turn off the flashlight if it is day. That could be better for the new game.

Sorry, but don’t think that will happen. TRS doesn’t have the rights to L4D, Valve does. Now that isn’t to say that it is impossible, but it would involve an agreement with Valve. Even then I feel TRS would prefer to expand their new IP and lore first, if everything goes good then maybe with enough interest.

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100 bucks says this will be an Epic Store exclusive, along with the next Batman game, at this point, I couldn’t care less, more competition the better, getting sick of Valve and their crappy deals

Hard to say, Epic did say they would stop with their exclusives at some point right? I believe they did this purely to attract as many people as possible to their platform and get a foothold.

I mean, I don’t think they have THAT much money to be able to keep buying exclusives.

That would be shame. To kill the game before it even comes out

Borderlands 3 is doing pretty well

It will be a long time before their well runs dry

I think it’s one of those strategies that works well at first to attract a large crowd, but slowly declines because there’s less and less new people joining over-time (for the same cost). I’m sure their shareholders would put a stop to it if they every notice it becoming less cost-effective.

Either way, I expect them to do this approach for another half a year or year until their store is completely fleshed out so it can now compete with Steam on features alone.

It sold x2 the copies of borderlands 2…a game of 2012…The Market has grown many many more times since 2012. Also the marketing.

No one ever comes out with real numbers.Probably for a reason right?Why if it did so good on PC they wouldn’t come out and show the numbers to shut up those who are hating.

Same as metro.They sold more than the previous metro.A 2013 game.No one ever came out with real numbers. Then the game suddenly came in xbox pass for 1$(5$ after the first month)

THQ CEO: "THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors says that the majority of Metro Exodus ’ sales came from consoles and that the game performed strongly on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

He remained vague on the game’s performance as an Epic Games Store exclusive however, but did say earlier in the presentation that the Metro series is typically one favored by consoles, though its PC following has seen recent growth."


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Hey everyone, this is a Back 4 Blood discussion, let’s stay on topic.


Ah, I love the smell of spam in the morning. It smells like… spam.


So i feel like i already know the answer to this question having been following here for updates and H’what not but… Has there been any footage released to anyone, whether it be just a small teaser or test footage of graphics or texture from the unreal4 engine or anything at all ?
The reason i ask is… If u look at the yt video linked below, at the 10:04 mark theres some cinematic footage of what they are claiming is Back 4 Blood but i feel like we would have been the first to know and, aesthetically it could pass as b4b maybe (which i would be pleased with how it looks) im doubting its for real…

Link below is to the video titled “upcoming 2020 zombie games” which is claiming footage as b4b at 10:04

Also… My post was marked “26 days later” …geuss i shoulda waited 2 days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: