Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”

Nope. Consoles are simple, pc’s can be difficult.


Wouldn’t say that’s the case anymore.

You can even buy a pre-built PC nowdays and games can auto set-up your graphic settings based on your hardware.

The only reason i’d get a console would be 1)exclusives and 2) optimization

Unless yeah you are completely clueless about technology and gaming and you just want to play, lets say Fifa, with friends(That’s a valid and good reason btw)

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Motion cap pics got me like :flushed::blush::blush::heartbeat:

Any thoughts on keeping a Realism mode for campaign as well??


Some of the custom maps for the old game I’ve seen but sadly never got to play look really cool, one that stood out was the “silent hill” map. Other than the diff skins for specials there wasnt really anything specifically “silent hill” about it… But what i think was cool was the fact that there were certain things u had to do to move ahead like… You find a notebook that tells you to find a key, forcing u to backtrack and find it etc… Could be a cool way to change things up a little esp in vs mode.
But what i liked was the fact that it was super dark and had that real creepy scary feel to it, i hope you guys kinda keep that dark horror feels to it.

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OMG I really support them because they are the creators of one of my favorite zombie games L4D and I have some questions

Will human vs infected mode?

Could you put mods like in the L4D?

I’m impassive about this game because valve does not know how to count up to 3 xD and I know they will do what revolutionized that famous zombie game in its day

PD: there is a trailer on the internet fanmade of L4D3 of a team of people who were looking for hiring and personally did a good job :slight_smile:



Hi, and welcome to the forums!

Just to give you some quick answers to your questions:

There will be PvP mode in the game, and they have confirmed “playable ‘Mutations’ zombies’” - whatever that may mean - so there is a possibility that we’ll see an infected vs survivors mode.

This is a really popular question! TRS has currently have not given us an answer on whether or not mods will be supported, but keep an eye on the FAQ (link here) as it may eventually pop up there when they can answer it. :slight_smile:


I hope that if you put the mods, it was fun to play like simpson while you had mario bros, hatsune miku and marcus fenix on the same team xD thanks for your answer :smile:


I wish there was a pre-order. Or, even a pre-pre-order.


I assume they are going to wait until they have something they can show off, before they open up preorders :slight_smile:

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You know what ,. They should make a contra type game to go with this release for mobile. With their techniques and artistry I would love it in all it’s pixel glory. (think high powered SNESand bright Themes surrounded by the hoards

I don’t think I ever have or ever had any urge to play games on my phone. That’s why I play on PC.

Well of course you would port the 2d one around. But you must launch it on mobile. That is too large of a platform to ignore.

Hi Chogster, welcome to the forums !

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I have a question…


Yes? :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :face_vomiting:

I’ve been playing a lot of Vermintide 2 lately. The more I think about it, the more I think they’d be good games to draw some inspiration from. Vermintide, the original,and sequel, have really helped tide me over for that left 4 dead feel. The addition of subclasses with perks and abilities really helps keep things fresh. Having a reason to pick a character, other than how they look, is great.


I support you too…

i dont like the idea of classes so much… because the part of a survival horror in my opinion make that a little not credible

continue with the story of left 4 dead? Please do not miss the story of left 4 dead.

Left 4 Dead isn’t owned by Turtle Rock, so they can’t continue with that story.