Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”

how about a promo render is accidentally loaded onto the forums.? ^.^


Can a good game be made in less than 2 years this generation? Hell, if it ends up on ps5, I expect more work to be done.

I don’t want this game to come out as a game as a service. More like monster hunter world sounds better. It should be a filled complete game. Not that half done world war z.
I’m talking 10 hours + all pve modes + pvp(z)

Guess I’ll remove any thought of this game until ps5. Take the time TRS.

Can they remake left 4 dead 2 for current consoles to interest newcomers?

That’s a Valve question, but I don’t see them doing a remaster/remake of the game anytime soon (if ever).

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Wow what did I just come back to




Do you have news ?
Please do not forget to add split screen.

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Hello! You can keep an eye on the FAQ (link here) for updates, as well as the official Twitter (link here) or join the official Discord server (invite here) to follow the announcements chat for any new information.

Currently there hasn’t been any major news, but a dev diary will be coming out soon. Other than that, there is currently no public date for new information, but they are hard at work on the game right now. If you continue to check back on any of the medias I linked above, you’ll know when there’s any news available. :slight_smile:


Thank u so much for the info.


and make another evolve next :’) best asymetrical game I’ve played.


ooh things are going well


Evolve doesn’t belong to TRS, it belongs to 2K Games. There’s no way TRS will be able to make another Evolve, you can thank 2K Games for their bullshit.


Ooooh, motion capture is happening!

@SlabOMeat need more beard please.


Was such a well made,polished game. I’m glad I was around for its short life, it really was the game I’d always been waiting for. But Left 4 dead is another one of my yop games, so even tho this is sort of a new IP, TRS’s new game is definitely something to look forward to, their games are legendary and they deserve a spot up there with the big bois even if they arn’t nrealy as well known.

They remind me alot of Respawn, their Titanfall games were masterpieces but EA their publisher (or producer?) screwed them over just like TRS got screwed by 2K. The steam charts only started plumeting once 2k anounced they were discontinuing development

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Man, Titanfall was fun as well…
I hate it when publishers decide what to do when they have a development team who don’t want to be influenced by their own publisher. Publishers are no developers, what they do is to make the publication of the games, their prices and decide if it has microtransactions or not no matter if the game is free or not. Publishers are only good at making money and keeping it for themselves, you know when a publisher is being greedy and selfish if you see them publishing a 50~60€ game.

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Please stop disrespecting 2K games on these forums. Tired of reading those comments over and over.

Let’s stay on topic and keep the posts positive and constructive in here, please. :+1: :heart:


If graphics were the only thing a person was interested in, wouldn’t it make sense to buy a PC?

Nope. Consoles are simple, pc’s can be difficult.


Wouldn’t say that’s the case anymore.

You can even buy a pre-built PC nowdays and games can auto set-up your graphic settings based on your hardware.

The only reason i’d get a console would be 1)exclusives and 2) optimization

Unless yeah you are completely clueless about technology and gaming and you just want to play, lets say Fifa, with friends(That’s a valid and good reason btw)

Motion cap pics got me like :flushed::blush::blush::heartbeat:

Any thoughts on keeping a Realism mode for campaign as well??