Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment?


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Dont forget to add split screen please.

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Here’s the topic that was made for Journey of the Gods. Looks pretty sweet.

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I was reading your comments on the website you posted and it seems you think that TRS sold the rights to Evolve to 2K. Actually, what happened was they brought it to THQ pre-bankruptcy. THQ of course decided to go ahead and buy it and Turtle Rock was to develop it. THQ went under, and started selling off IPs in order to try to get out of it. Turtle Rock attempted to bid for Evolve their self, but 2K came and outbid Turtle Rock.

Considering the risk/reward is almost entirely on the publisher and development teams are just paid for their work in most large games, I think it’s reasonable for publishers to buy the IP in advance of the game itself.

Anywho I figured I’d just let you know.

Also I was hyped that TRS was making a new game, until I saw it was in partnership with Warner Bros. They’re almost as bad at micro and DLC as 2K is, so i’m expecting another disaster in advance :frowning:

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I’m a fan of the zombie genre. Personally, Dying Light was one of my favorite experiences (even though I mostly played it solo). I hated breakable weapons in that game, but I doubt that will be an issue with B4B.

Co-op - The best possible way to play any game is with my brother / our friends on a team. I loved evolve for that reason, even though I disliked the 4v1 aspect it did give me a chance to shine solo against people online. (Though I hear it caused an unending mountain of problems for TRS, so I’m definitely not advocating for a return of that system :grimacing:)

Exciting to me as a gamer? Playing a game and having a whole world filled with stories, details, to go find and interact with. an extreme example would be Dark Souls, a tamer example would be Left 4 Dead. Everything is out there, you just have to learn it all by playing the game and digging for yourself! Personally my favorite games are where you have superhero-level powers, like Prototype / InFamous / Saints Row 4.

Always happy to interact with the TRS team, you guys are 100% my favorite developer crew. Keep up the good work, and thanks for putting the community first!


The difference is that this time, TRS owns the IP and I’m pretty sure they won’t use the same methods as before. They are using everything they learned with Evolve to make an epic game. :bucket_salute:


If they still own the IP then full steam ahead. :train2:

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Well, which fucking launcher is it coming to, then? Epic or Steam???

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Epic did say that they won’t do exclusives forever so I’m sure by the time it officially gets announced it will probably be released on both.


mfw you didn’t get the joke

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That made me lol, what a coincidence xD.

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THIS is what I want to hear! This is the kind of info that sets me in the mood! This is their game and their project!


I am glad to hear that you guys at Turtle Rock are doing a new zombie game in the vain of Left 4 Dead. I really enjoyed them. Not sure how much you guys had a hand in L4D2 but the addition of new special infected, difibrilator, adrenaline shot, boomer bile bomb and melee weapons was an awesome addition. I do hope you will have offline couch coop like Left 4 Dead. The reason i have an Xbox one and these games was due to my good friend who brought his Xbox and games over. I literally went out and bought an Xbox One just to get these 2 games mainly. Being online i have made new friends to play with as well. Some suggestions i would like to would be a backpack to carry more items and when getting pounced and waiting for help how about small knives you can use to fight back against like the jockey, hunter and smoker to free yourself would be a great idea. One big suggestion is post on here and ask the fans the things they loved about the L4D games and what they didn’t like about the games. See if they are things that can be changed or not. I have no problem if you used my ideas to sign a waiver from your company to use it. Maybe a free copy of the game or beta testing it. Possible mention my name in the credits. I am sure most people would be cool with that. Anyway, thanks for announcing this new game, no other gaming company has been able to come remotely close to the L4D games. Please keep up the good work.

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Just curious, wasn’t TRS working on a “dark fantasy” game 2.5 years ago? What happened to it?