Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios Announce “Back 4 Blood”


Holy hell this is fantastic :smiley: , are you also planning on porting it for Nintendo Switch other than PS4 and Xbox One?


I’ve always been here. Check the Apex and dbd threads. :kissing:

also the topic of it not being a battle royale.

I honestly think a battle royale game +zombies would be cool. trs is pretty crazy innovative and creative when it comes to pushing a genre and think they’d be able to take a good crack at it.

capcom tried to make some r6 knock off + zombie. they werent in their best state at the time but it was an interesting idea.


That’s what I get for not playing the game. I was wondering if Azmi just hadn’t posted in awhile. Well then, Howdy @Azmi_Anuar Welcome back to encountering me in a thread, even though you’ve been around all along, and I’ve been sticking to like 3 threads like a fool.


I haven’t seen it mentioned much, but I’m really excited to see what kind of characters, enemies and story you people manage to make (both in story and design). You’ve got good history on that and I for one would love to draw some stuff as soon as we get ahold of some sweet references, hahah! :smile:


There was a game that didn’t get the light it deserved called ‘nether’, if that game was made into a BR it would have been ridiculous :open_mouth:

the ‘zombies’ solved pathing abuse by being able to teleport, and had l4d style specials, was great :smiley:


Hello Falchio! Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here! :heart:

Also, in their own words:


I wonder if they’ll go with the l4d route and have all the survivors be the same or they’ll do the l4d-3 route with giving the survivors abilities or perks.


I liked Left 4 Dead, but I’m not a big fan of Warner Bros. Good to hear TRS is getting back into AAA releases though. :slight_smile:


I’ve only read this post and I’m hyped. Can’t wait to read more after work!


So like Evolve but with zombies instead of giant monsters…hmmmm


What blasphemy is this?! You and I need to have a talk. Play DOOM (2016). Now. I will sick @GrizzleMarine on you if you don’t.

I don’t really want to ignite previous controversy, but like Terep, I’m not overly enthused. Primarily because of the publisher. Warner’s shown a reputation to be almost as moneygrubbing as EA from my prospective - it could very well be my cynicism talking, but that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from them in the past.

I’ll hold my breath until I see some footage of it, I’m happy a new major project has landed on the Dev’s laps, but I’m waiting until I see some footage and proof of concept of the product before I give my judgement on it and whether I decide to buy it or not.

Edit: It should also be worth noting: The last time I got hyped for a game, it was Diablo III (d2/d1 fans know how that train wreck went) and as an “official” successor to Diablo II it fell on its face. So that’s part of the reason I’m like this.


The game that was announced in cooperation with perfect world is not in development anymore?
Years of development are now gone?
They restart again with this new title?


It’s so awesome to see so many new people join. Welcome to the TRS forum guys, I hope you enjoy hanging around here. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see some old faces return too. Feels like old times again.

I’m so excited to see more of this game. To see what new innovative ideas TRS have put into it. Just wish we were allowed to see more now. :smile:


Oh trust me I know. I had a friend who ran the warehouse of a computer store… He had all the versions of doom with the insane hardest fan made stuff…

Too just watch this guy play it was insane. From reflexes to managing an ungodly amount of incoming attacks.

I agree with you on that… I wonder how he likes the latest 3d versions?


Ok, Sooo Lets speculate on this.

continuation of the l4d style game but with a MMP element to it? Will it even have vs style multiplayer?

hmmmm… either way I have always loved their spawning engine


Yeah this is a completely different game. Would have been nice to see what they had cooking up with Perfect World, but that probably won’t be possible for a long while at least.


This is quite normal in the industry, sadly. Shipping a good game is no cakewalk. :open_mouth:


^ Can attest to that… Been a year and a half since my last announcement on my game and it’s still going at the pace of a snail.



Hell yeah! I’ve been looking forward to a new game ever since I heard the news that Evolve was shutting down. You guys are awesome and I know that this is going to turn out great! I can’t wait to see more!


Thanks so much!