Warhammer Vermintide and Strange Brigade Devs Explain Why There Aren't More Left 4 Dead Games


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Earlier today we put up our interview with Rebellion’s Rob Dale about Strange Brigade, the developer’s newest co-op adventure that’s more of a fun spiritual successor to their own Zombie Army Trilogy - which although third-person still felt inspired by Valve’s Left 4 Dead. We put the same question to Rob, and here’s his response:

“It’s clearly something that there should be more of! They’re great fun to play with your friends. I don’t know why there aren’t more. If you look at player statistics, Left 4 Dead still gets loads of players. I don’t think it’s that the players aren’t there, they’re just not being catered to. We’ve obviously got experience making four-player co-op so it’s easy for us to make the jump straight back into that , whereas other developers might be more used to straight multiplayer or single-player.”

While Rob was just as baffled as we were as the audience is clearly out there, he did agree with Martin Wahlund that the difficulty in actually making this type of co-op game might be why there’s not more on the market. And with so few on the market, there are equally few game developers around who actually know how to make them - and consequently new developers, either through inexperience or being intimidated, are not trying to enter the market.


First sentence in… "Jointly the two Left 4 Dead games from Valve Software are two of the finest and most popular games ever made, " I stopped reading. Valve made the second but not the first :’(


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I don’t blame developers from being intimated now-a-days. And the publishing market itself seems…well, I don’t want to create an even larger wall of text myself. What I would love to see are dev teams able to publish their own work the way THEY want to, without having the ever-hovering presence of a publisher breathing down their necks. Of course teams need capitol, so perhaps there should be something like a Kickstarter JUST for development teams who create games, so that games can get to the gamers the way they are intended to without a middleman.


Gamers don’t want to spend money on quality games that aren’t essentially nostalgia or small titles, kick starter games that do exist kind of prove it is only a vessel for indie (small game) outings. The marketing side of things does seem to be fairly important in pushing sales.


They were the publishers on the first though, and a wide amount of people don’t know that L4D1 was TRS so you should be lenient*.

*Disclaimer: that doesn’t mean you have to be :stuck_out_tongue:


Emet is still thee #1 robot, but Johnny is a good 2nd. Bucket is last however </3

Cool idea, but Nia summed it up pretty well. It would need a baller reputation to work out, or else it just falls into small indie territiory and not many people would use it. Maybe… if TRS did a join venture for such a program… :thinking:

That and TRS didn’t really officially exist back then when the game was created so people only saw Valve. It’s not like Dice and EA, where Dice is well knows for making BF and can be pointed to as the devs.


Vermintide is the free game on xbone and we like it more than Left 4 Dead. Mainly because of classes items loots that sort of thing but zombies are more exciting that rat people oddly enough


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A group photo of my D&D dice :]

Say Something Random 5.4

I should show you my wife and I’s die collection. It’s actually pretty decently sized. Going to ask my wife to take a picture of our dice trays and email them to me and see if I can post that here… hmmm…


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Which is fine if you are discussing the release of the game, but they are talking about a core mechanic in which case it might be splitting hairs but it should be separated. /shrug. Then again I’m not a journalist so… meh :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it existed in some thread, maybe the Development of Evolve thread. where Phil/Rob talk about the creation of the studio, where they got the name from, and when they formed. I would link it but I dunno where it is.