Warcraft Movie! Orcs, Humans, even a Griffin!


Might be spoilers ahead; it’s not out yet, so it’s mostly predictions at this point.
I’m looking but can’t find a thread for this. I am so HYPED for this movie!!! Been waiting YEARS. Looks like they’re altering some of the lore, what with Dalaran already floating, and the dwarf in the latest trailer. But, I’m still pumped. How is everyone feeling about it? :smile:

SO MUCH HYPE!!! Must. Discuss. With. Evolve. Community.

More footage!!! Movie clips this time. :smile::smile::smile::smile:

This next one has a few wrong subtitles, I can’t find the version without subtitles on my phone. Pretty sure Durotan says “Blood Elks” not “Blood Orcs,” but I could be wrong. Love the clip though. :slight_smile:

One with Medivh working his magic. :smile:

One with Garona and King Llane.

And this one is beautiful. Shows some unique footage. Pause at :56, the emotion shown on Durotan’s and Draka’s faces is stellar.

I cannot WAIT for this movie!!!


Remember that Elder Scrolls movie people talked about getting made?

Anyways, I’m actually pretty excited to see this. Gonna be the best game-based movie yet. Not much of a standard considering the only other popular ones were the Halo movies, and they were meh at best, but still! Might see it in theaters.


I’m gona definitely see it in theaters. :smile:
Never heard about an Elder Scrolls Movie!! Was it cancelled?


I haven’t played WoW, but I intended to when I have more cash, so spoilers are a bit of a concern. Not a big concern, but something to give pause before I spoil a good part of the story.

Bethesda’s TES movie was “talked about” for like two months and then nothing from them. I assume it never got far enough to have gotten cancelled. Apparently a lot of issues came up regarding what they would do for characters before they began writing, and there was no plausible way to let fans decide. It just kind of faded away. That’s off-topic, though.


An Elder Scrolls movie would have been cool, if done right.
As for Warcraft spoilers, this movie actually takes place during the first Warcraft game, ‘Warcraft Orcs and Humans,’ and takes place roughly 20 years before World of Warcaft. So many of the main characters in the movie will be old relatives of the characters in WoW. If you get a chance to play any of the older Warcraft RTS’s, they’re a blast, the first one was a little clunky, since it was made in 1994, but Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 were more refined, and all three were fantastic. The stories they tell are very engaging. If you like RTS games like Starcraft then you’ll probably like them. :smile:
So the movie probably won’t spoil anything about World of Warcraft. There are some key characters in it I’m excited to see, I’ve always been a huge Warcraft fan. :smiley:


I’m very hyped for this move and I have almost 0 knowledge of Warcraft lore wise. This movie, despite being based on a video game looks to be a fantastic fantasy movie of which we have not yet seen. Can. Not. Wait.


Remember that Bioshock movie that was talked about being made?


This actually looks good and I’m not even a Warcraft player! This CGI doesn’t even suck!

Remember when the Halo movie came out? It sucked every kind of shat


Which movie? Fall of Reach?


I can’t really remember the name but this was when I was 6 or 7 years old and I saw a Halo movie (Which I was obsessed with at the time) and I watched it and there was nothing related to the game what so ever


Ummm, I’m not sure what movie you’re talking about then. There’s no official Halo Movie except the mini ones that 343 made. Forward Unto Dawn and Fall of Reach. Both had MC in them. FUD was the better of the two in my opinion.


Wasn’t there an animated movie too?


That’s the Fall of Reach.


It was live action


That’s Forward Unto Dawn. And it came out with Halo 4.


hype allowed all the time :joy:

(aka :joy: and :heart_eyes:) = cant wait


So I have played Wow on and off with my wife since it released and currently play it now. Love the game… love all Warcraft games. I am going to go see the movie for sure.

But… I really dont like how they made the Orcs look. Take Durontan for example-

Compare that to the most awesome Orc, Hellscream from the game’s cinematic-


That’s the one it sounds exactly like it


Now, I see where you’re coming from. Grommash in that cinematic looks brutal, but he’s a very violent, angry Orc. Durotan actually looks very similar to his WoW counterpart!

I was pretty happy with his appearance, I’m pretty sure there will be more savage looking orcs in the movie. :smile:


You were 7 when Halo 4 came out? :dizzy_face: