Wanting To Fall In Love Again


I loved Evolve when I first played it in the Small Alpha. The idea was fresh and well done. Most fun I had in a very very long time. I played a lot in all other Alphas and Betas and I played a lot when it was released. But now I don’t. I started to slow down at the end of march when I was waiting for the patch. then, I bought 2 new hunters, played them a few times and stopped playing all together.

I want to love this game again but I am wondering if its worth trying. Is there anything coming out that will give it a shot in the arm? Something that will make me want to play it again and get me hooked once I do?


Give the game a break. Leave for a while. A day, a week, whatever. Works for me.


play evacuation maybe ? could help


I played MKX for two days…Went back to Evolve…Still love it. Nothing can compare to it. To destroy 4 players by yourself…is amazingly satisfying… And the rage quits…its a shame I get kicked to a lobby because they all failed.


Switch games every once in a while


More game modes will be coming which will keep it fresh. But we did just get 5 new characters and 2 maps will be coming unless you’re on XBox and already have them.


Xbone peasant race ^.^




“Get bugs first on xbox first”

The first is real ^.^


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