Wanted to share this speech


it moved me and this is from the mid 90,s and its more valid then ever


I really wish I could speak so much more freely than I can about this. All I can say is…when it comes time to fight for the republic…not the democracy…I hope we all do what we must because it is life or death for all of humanity.

Check out the documentary called “Shade” (on YouTube now before they remove it) and start seeing just a snippet of how deep the rabbit hole goes.


37 views and only 2 likes? Wow we must be divided worse than I thought…


this speech was made in the 40’s I believe
and today all humans are insulting people because of there weight or how they look and I just want that to end
edit: it took him 6 months to write the speech


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Being that this movie is satire of fascist Nazi Germany, This was extremely pertinent then, and it finds a new significance now with the rise of fascist attitudes across Europe and Now the U.S. I hope it doesn’t escalate, but if it does I hope the machine men expect resistance.