WANTED: PC Players @ 12 PM PST February the 25th! ♥


Hello everyone!


For this week’s Official Evolve Livestream we will be showing off the

Eldest of Krakens!

If you would like to play Evolve w/ us on stream, show us your stuff, & get some tips straight from CoFounder Chris Ashton, join us tomorrow in-game!


1: Friend this account on Steam:

[[Click Here!]]

2: Message TRS_Demoncore that you would like to join a game between 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM PST.

3: You will be then added to a queue. If the queue is longer than the stream:

So, make sure you message us quickly! ♥

I look forward to seeing your mad skillz! :shane_alien:

Kindest Regards,
The Kaliest of Shaners :cupcake:

p.s. DON’T BE A BUTTHEAD. :heart:




On a serious note, it’d be cutting it close but I’d love to join you guys.





All the love! :heart:

We just don’t have consoles hooked up to livestream.

QA uses them to fix zee bugs.



What timezone would that be again? hehe :blush:


Oh Phil… that’s wonderful


PST! :smiley:


If I can’t get to work due to the weather I am in. Otherwise…


So we message demoncore tomorrow for the queue, right?


ugh always when im at work. looks like i either need to get a job at TRS or move to a much different time zone


No one needs to see my horrendous Elder Kraken “skills”.
I’m sure some decent players will join :slight_smile:


If I could play against pubs or bots I might consider this, but I’m laughably unskilled as a Monster, so I think I’ll pass.


Are we queuing to play as the monster or to just play on the stream?


It sounds like both?


I can’t stop laughing about Phil’s face!


@Chloe will be running the Steam tomorrow! Just tell her your preference for Hunter or Monster! If you are an early monster, 11:30 AM PST, you have a better chance of getting in! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks!


saves Phil gif