WANTED: Mature PC hunters to hit shear with (aka. Hunting Party)


I’m looking for a few others to play regularly with. This game clearly requires hunters to know each other and play well together to be competitive against a monster and i’m having a hard time finds the right crowd via pubs.

I’m decent, not great, but open to tightening up with any team as long as they’re about having fun first as well as being focused and hitting those highs of kicking ass and owning as a team (fav part of online gaming).

steam handle is ‘ZeRO’. let’s do this.


I’m not on super often right now, but feel free to add my under SteamID The4LetterNerd. I’d always prefer to roll in a group. I normally main Support, FYI.


Add [ADB] Biobane if you’re still looking! I’m usually on late evening at least for a few games in the evening (~11-12 PST). I aim to have fun more than anything but I certainly don’t take it easy on Monsters :wink:

I work well as any role, really, but I’d say I’m probably best w/ Assault, though that’s a tough call hehe


There are a LOT of "ZeRO"s on steam :smile:

Mines my username here. Feel free to add me. Ill be easy to find :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re interested you can check out our PC/PS4 clan, and I can evaluate you to see your playstyle and you can get admitted! The clan focuses on competitive, friendly and fun players. So if you think you fit that description check out my previous thread and PM me for details!


I’m always looking for some people to have fun with!


Hello scottzer,

If you are looking to join a gaming community that people play regularly you can come look at taw, we are all competent, some better than others, who love this game and who want to see it thrive. You can register on our website at taw.net . You can also add me on steam my name is [TAW] Killerdog or add me on this link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042007988/

Thanks for taking the time for reading this and add me if you do so


I am on pretty regularly after 6pm central, would be on more if I had people to do pre-made’s with. Steam: LooseLiquid