Want to talk about new hunt and old hunt


We all know how frustrating was sometime (everytime?) old hunting. I’m talking about looooong searching of the monster. But nobody missing old times? Some games was fun. What i want to suggest is to add 2nd game mod like old hunt and name it “real hunt” or something like that. Give hunters more leads to track specific monsters. Like wraith and gorgon because old hut with them were like 15-20 min running and then stage 3. For example gorgon leaves the web,to indicate which direction she jumped. I think for new players this will be interesting too. If you get tired of the long hunting then you just can easily play a couple of games in quick hunt and after a while go back. Problem with original games was luck of fast paced action, wich people needs sometimes, new mode replaced this need. But created another “old hunt”.

P.S. Sorry for my english. It’s not my native language


If you are on PC you can play Legacy Evolve


can you play online though.


Yes i can, but to play legacy i should download whole game again. And what if i want to play quick hunt? I should dowload again s2?