Want to play some L4D 2? (pc)


I haven’t really played the games in a while, got seriously burned out on them, and I always felt really strangely pressured by the pacing of the game, and escaping, psychologically it must be keyed in somewhere rofl.

Either way that combined with the competitive nature of the content in the pvp portion, high skill cap…I just felt a bit beyond me…darn horror game anxiety. Really not an intuitive skill set to learn, so I never got deep into that either.

Needless to say, times passed and I wanna give it another go. =

Anyone up for it?

My last experience with coming back to the game with pubs…was getting randomly kicked/team killed etc. So I figure if I’m going to do it, I need to organize ahead of time otherwise I’m going to have a terrible go of it.

I’m going to be gaming Sat-Sunday at 7 pm Central time if you’d like to join me.

Don’t mind doing pvp stuff, but I want to refresh myself with the guns, and mechanics first, I’m Zomnivore on steam/ that’s my id url.


I would, but I just deleted it because I was trying to clear space on my HDD. up to 740g from 700g (1tb usually) anyway, I’m glad to hear people still like the game, and I have at least one friend who I will direct towards you :slight_smile: who as far as I know still has L4D2 DL’d to his Desktop.


Its probably worth it to practice the cooperative elements and see where this dev teams at in terms of philosophy/ what they’d done before.

I can’t really say I remember too much, probably been long enough to need to re learn the maps. (not a bad thing)

Just don’t want to deal with random people cursing me out because I haven’t stayed fresh with the game.


My friend definitely won’t be cursing you out. i’ll try and drag him onto the forums, but I’m pretty sure he’d be happy to have someone to play with in campaign or otherwise. You may be required to drag him kicking and screaming into PvP though. He’s reluctant to do such things on L4D2


iM PLAYING RIGHT NOW ADD ME. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964859315


Wish I had L4D 2 :frowning:


Do you have L4D?

Its a pretty unique experience…maybe only comparable to some counter strike zombie mod stuff.

willing to play either one.


No I have never played any of the Left For Dead’s sadly. I would be totally up for playing it right now if I had it


Ah thats too bad, unfortunately I’m not going to pick you up a copy, want to invest as little as possible when this is probably going to only be a weekend play session, and if it goes poorly maybe only an attempt at one.


I wish you the best of luck tho. My friend decided he didn’t want to join, so I hope you get other people :slight_smile:


Its sad to see there are no L4D/2 veterans on this forum.


@PanDa I am a pretty serious L4D/2 vet. I used to play every night for a few years. I still have them installed and pick it up to play when I’m bored. :smile:


None of my friends play anymore but I still play. I prefer the first L4D but I play L4D2 more for chances of games. My friend and I played almost every night on Xbox for about 4 years (mainly L4D1 and some 2) but now I’m back on PC and have been playing the past year and a half


:slight_smile: would be glad to play with any of ya Sunday around 7pm cst.