Want to beat wraith? High level hunters got you down? Think something is OP?


Hey guys!

GiantChiprel here, I’ve been stalking these forums for ages soaking in data, streaming and playing the game for at least a month, winning tourneys and streaming all through press release.

I tend to try to make my games educational, and generally try to share all my thoughts and tactics while playing. Mainly been focusing as monster and trapper, tonight planning on getting a group of 4 hunters together and taking on high level solo q in hopes of showing everyone strategies of how to deal with advanced solo q monsters (Wraith anyone? stuck_out_tongue ) or who knows, failing horribly…
However after my team won the ESL tourney without taking a loss on either side, I have high hopes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m fairly active in the chat and tagging me with @Giantchiprel will almost always get you an answer, or get the beautiful GimmeeTheCookies to repeat it to me IRL if I miss it… So any questions you have about how to deal with X or how to beat Y I’ll try to address as well as I can, or better yet show you! Most of the time regulars in chat will even answer you before I can, since I’ve been doing this for a month now ;]

So if you truly think this game is unbalanced, or just want to to learn a trick or two, tune into tonight before you make up your mind a post about something being OP… Hopefully you can apply it to your own games and enjoy the game even more =D

Stream starts at 5.30pm est tonight <3

Past broadcasts can be see at

Disclaimer: After posting this in “OP” threads twice, I was asked make this it’s own post, and hopefully help combat some OP calls and teach the community! I’m also more than willing to address some questions and concerns in this thread about how I would deal with certain situations, the more information that’s out there the better! :smile_cat:

Thanks for all the support this community gives! Hopefully my streams are giving some value back to you all :heart_eyes_cat:


I’ll try to add your stuff to my twitch section when I finally make it.




I meant in twitch chat while I’m streaming, but tagging me here works also @MultiDavid ;D


God damnit, im too busy playing evolve to tag you, maybe ill pay you a visit :stuck_out_tongue:




Stream going live again tonight at 5:30PM EST!

Any challengers hunter team or monster team please step forward and show us what you got ;D


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Necro of shameless plug is… Appreciated.



Does “taking on high level solo q” mean you’ll be fighting a group of skilled hunters? If that’s what you mean I’d like to watch you play and take 3 in decoy at first then put the rest of the points where ever you want. Make sure you spam decoy in fights and after a few matches of using that tell me it doesn’t feel super lame?


This is an old post bumped up by @DrathDragoon33, so that stream already happened. I queued with 3 other hunters and we beat every monster it put us against, wraiths included.

TBH I’d be more worried about a wraith taking 2 in decoy and one in warp blast for the extra mobility, since as griffin you can 100% deny decoys with your harpoon if done right.

EDIT: That said there’s another stream tonight, mayhaps I’ll do some hunters again :smiley:


As long as you happen to be behind it you mean? Or does it work from in front? I might watch :]


Yeah if the monster is facing anywhere besides directly at your you’ll be able to attach the poon during the animation (the wraith is stunned while it sends the decoy a few steps infront of it) and attaching it during this time now only limits his movement but he can’t break it without dashing/attacking, which stops the decoy. The rest of the team just needs to aim at the end of your harpoon to punish him hard also if he isn’t breaking the poon.

So thats the caveat of “if done right”, though you can still take an educated guess of where he is since he can’t dash (or a good team should be spraying the area to find him) and you can attach it while he’s invis as well.

The other big point about taking griffin is using his harpoon is one of the few ways to reliably dome a good wraith who using traversals to dodge domes.

I hope you do tune in good sir @Thelasthunter =3


That’s if you see it coming and you usually won’t when I’m using it until it’s too late. ;]


I didn’t know about that harpoon mechanic. Ty for the tip. @GiantChiprel



I’d to hear your opinion on this topic I just made: Guide for fighting Wraith


Personally I’d talk a lot more about positioning and the wraith’s trouble with height variations. Kraken can use the stealth button to dive to the ground, wraith has to use an ability or slowly hover down; same with jetpacking up. I personally enjoy just doing a neutral boost (press no direction and double tap space) to boost above the wraith when he tries to supernova me. He either has to waste an ability or sit around till I go back in melee range, when I can still hover a bit if I want and such… This is prime time for my team to capitalize on damage.

I’d also talk about how to work with your assault in order to get the most damage on the wraith possible, and his weakness is his low HP pool. Markov you NEED to use the mines, and use them in a way that he can’t deny them with abduct or vortex blast; Parnell you need to dodge in ways that parnell can hit the wraith while you do, hyde you need to pick a better assault.

Finally, body blocking. The easiest way to dodge an abduction, is to have someone else take it for you instead. Since everyone is running caira, she gets the most out of her heals when multiple people are hurt anyway. If you’re full HP and teammate is weak, you can literally jump in front of most things the wraith tries to do to block him and put him on you instead, saving your teammate. This is especially true for missed abductions! If he misses an abduction on you and goes right past you, step right back into his path and you’ll stop him there on the way back… Preventing his escape.

Basically, you have good info, but there’s a lot more to say still ;D


i liked the hyde u need to pick a better assault Kappa


I would be happy to fill any role needed. I play monster and all hunters as the game is that awesome. I always like learning the little things about the game.



You’ve watch me enough to know my feels <3 ahahah