Want me to commentate YOUR matches?


What’s up guys!

I’ve recently got into Evolve, thanks to watching GhostRobo’s footage, and it has got me right back into gaming! What other games just don’t fulfill in my life, Evolve does, and I am super excited and absorbed whenever I play it!

Thanks to GhostRobo and Evolve, I have been inspired to start a gaming channel. Now that Observer Mode has been announced, I am so psyched and am looking to commentate your matches! Are you a team? An individual? Maybe you’ve planned some sort of clan war, or even a friendly match? If you want to book me in to commentate your game as soon as Observer Mode is released, please send me a tweet @Kru1zy and we’ll totally organise something! (or reply or message me here… keep in mind that I do check Twitter more regularly than other mediums though) :smile:

Here’s my first gaming video: http://youtu.be/Ewq0J14ea3E

As mentioned in the description, I set Bandicam on the wrong setting, and I had to convert the original footage which resulted in not the best quality (silly me!). Though, I’ve sorted that issue out now and all future footage will be recorded in high quality 1080p.

I am thrilled every time I play Evolve! I am thrilled every time I watch Evolve! I am thrilled every time I even THINK of Evolve!! And I want to share my sheer excitement with all you like-minded Evolve players, hunters or monster, by commentating your matches live!

If this interests you, please get in contact with me! Best way is to send me a tweet @Kru1zy!

At this current point in time, even though I will commentate matches live, I will not be streaming the footage live. All footage will be produced and uploaded to the Kruizy Gaming channel. That being said, live streaming is definitely something I will consider in the future.

Finally, I have a PC for gaming and no other consoles. Branching out into different consoles is also something I will consider for the future, but is not possible at the moment.



I just gotta say, as long as you commentate for Daisy as if she is watching the team play, you have my full endorsement!


Haha! I just hope they implement first person perspectives!!

Daisy Cam. It’s gonna be a thing. I’m gonna make it a thing.




We hope, i’m a Maggie main.

But those sloths, they don’t like Daisy. ^.^

If you’re serious about doing it, I would be interested to see how it turns out.

Maybe see who makes community matches/tournaments, and offer to commentate for them?


i would easily watch a 24/7 stream of daisy cam.


You can’t do this for Xbox One?


That’s a good idea, dude! Would you know of any communities/websites for Evolve? If not, I can do some digging! :smile:

This guy knows what he’s talking about!

I freakin’ wish I could, man! Unfortunately, I just don’t have an Xbox One atm and I’m currently living on student wages :’(


@MaddCow would most likely know, I just tagged him for you.

He should show up eventually, he’s nice like that.


not to thread hijack but id also love to commentate matches. @Kru1zy could we be co-anchors? lets start a channel on twitch and just commentate random matches on a regular basis.


I have been summoned. What is thy bidding, my 2 legged friends?


He wants to know if there is anyone hosting games with the community, for tournaments and stuff. He wants to commentate games, I figured you would know where to point him.


Bookmarking this! i have much interest in watching videos of evolve…



:open_mouth: it worked! Yeah, mate, pretty much what Shin just said in the earlier post. Cheers. :wink:

I’ll send ya a message!

Good stuff!! :blush:


Hang on, are you Australian? Didn’t think that Australians use ta or cheers. Stealing our bloody words :slight_smile: .


No one really ‘hosts’ tournaments. The best we get is when people record and post on Youtube and/or Twitch. Are you looking for particular games in general?


Yep! Mate, we use “cheers” heaps here! “Ta” gets a run too, but I use that word more than anyone else I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if there are many organised Evolve teams out there, but it would be awesome to commentate footage of a proper team of hunters! Though, I’m not really too fussed at this stage. Heck, I’d be happy to commentate a match at the request of an individual, whether he/she be a monster player, or an individual in a team of random hunters!


Great first video Kru1zy!

With the community growing there are emerging pro-teams but few casters at the moment! @DB_Sinclair and Sacriel cast the tournament at PAX in Boston this month, and Maniacsquirrel, @BlackAegis and Jamesbot cast the ESL tournament this weekend past, so check them out!

Bring the Daisy love and that charisma to every cast!

As for organised teams, ESL has probably been the best representation of the higher level play currently emerging in the community, such as Defend The Relay and Hard on You, who both won the ESL tournaments held these past two weeks, not to exclude the wealth of other teams who competed, many of whom can be found streaming regularly.

Some twitch channels for you to peruse:

Hard On You
Monster Perspective
Hunter Perspective

Defend The Relay
Monster Perspective
Hunter Perspective


I also shoutcasted the ESL last weekend to :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you kidding? People use “cheers” so much over here! :stuck_out_tongue: I personally have never used it, but all the other Aussies use it after every second word. I exaggerate, of course, but it’s a very popular word. Surprised you’ve never heard an Aussie say that before.

@Kru1zy …Promise your nation you’ll say “crikey” a lot. :wink:


Nope, not heard it. Heard plenty of other words that we share (for obvious reasons) but never “cheers”.