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Q: From what you know about Evolve’s Hunters so far, which class or character are you most looking forward to, and why?

Will be drawing winners later this week. Looking forward to the discussions that unfold below!




TL;DR - I think Markov is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.

I’d have to say that my favorite character so far is Markov. Here’s why. I love being in the front lines being the one that’s goes to toe-to-toe with foes. Being that Markov’s main weapon is the Lightning Gun and that requires close range combat, I love that about him. He’s going to be the one that’s dealing the most damage to the Goliath (Or any other monsters not yet revealed) and having the most fun in the group. I hate being the one that’s sitting far away dealing damage from a far away point.


Personally, I’m looking forward most to playing the monster! :smiley:

But on the side of the hunters, I really want to play Hank! His orbital barrage and laser cutter sound like loads of fun to surprise the monster with, and the ability to shield and hide team-mates sounds like it could create some really interesting experiences for ambushes and confusing the monster!


Got to say that the Trapper class is probably where I will find my niche when I am not eating my friends as the monster. Tracking and containing are skills that I find most interesting, thus, being the trapper is only natural. I am intrigued mostly by the cat and mouse part of the game with the roles varying throughout the match. Damage in my opinion is nice but I like to be versatile and coveted. Gaining skill in the tracking department will both be fun to learn and fun to show off. That might be just me, but I hope as more of the trapper class characters are shown I can find one specialized more so in tracking and trapping then even the current one is.


I myself couldn’t really decide between the Medic or the Trapper but in the end, I’d have to choose looking forward to playing as the Trapper!

There is nothing I would enjoy more than restricting the Monsters’ movements with the Harpoon gun whilst throwing down the Mobile Arena to boot so that if said Monster DOES manage to break free of the harpoon’s grasp, then it would still have to wait for the arena to deactivate to escape! By then the team would have dealt enough damage to the Monster as the Trapper has almost completely removed the Monster’s freedom of the map! Or another use for the Mobile Arena I’m looking forward to using is covering our own team with the Arena so that the Monster won’t be able to harm us and would give us time to recover, revive any downed team-mates and quickly think of a new strategy while we’re completely safe from harm!

Plus the Trapper’s Sound Spikes should be useful, provided I stick them down in a clever and well hidden area so the Monster won’t be able to spot them! Just so long as the other players on the team are co-operative, I am willing to take orders on whether to throw down the Mobile Arena, Harpoon the beasts or placing the spikes! There’s no question why I am looking forward to playing as the Trapper!

PS: I really dig Griffin’s moustache!


Oh yes the mustache of manliness! Let it be known far and wide that Griffin’s stash is at the pinnacle of sirdom! :bowtie:


im mostly looking forward to Griffin the Trapper, i love the class and the hunter because with him i feel like im really on the hunt i have all the tools to make the game change its course :smiley: also he is very stylish with his moustache and boots and not to forget the hat :smiley: (its always the hat) XD he looks like a hunter and thats they way it should be! :3


The Hunter class i’m looking most forward to, is the Trapper class, aka Griffin.
Because of he has a Giant Harpoon gun but i want to call it a Harpoon cannon. But the most amazing thing with it is that when you fire the harpoon into the Monster the harppon tip are not attached to a boring regular rope or chain but an awsome energy tethers that are attached to the harpoon tip and to the harpoon weapon itself and that is a badass harpoon weapon. So no monster will get away from the harpoon gun :smiley:

but the Harpoon weapon is not the only amazing gear Griffin is carrying, but the Mobile Arena equipment that makes Griffin a Trapper. The Awsome thing about that it makes an Energy shaped Dome that can trap the monster inside it + you and your friends to. So if you trap yourself with the monster and some dangerous wildlife, your pretty much screwed…Nah you gonna take them all down so long you have your teammates close to you.
But the rest of the Hunters chould not have stoped the monster without the Trapper’s Energy dome aka Mobile Arena.

But Griffin also have some amazing sound spikes that he can place there he belive where the monster will pass trough and will alert the Hunters that the monster has passed “Sound spike nr.3” and then they can try to run to a location there they mostly think the monster will run trough.
And when the monster getting close to the hunter without knowing anything that he is walking into a ambush.

But Griffin has also a nice little toy, the Sub-machine gun. Perfect from going from Trapper over to Damage dealer and do some seriously damage to any Monster or Wildlife.

Well Griffin is does not look like a Trapper without his most special gear. And that gear is his cowboy hat that have teeth attached on it, and that makes him look like a good Trapper.

And his Beard makes him look like a real Trapper and he will not shaved it before the game is out :stuck_out_tongue:
nah maybe.

But Griffin will not make a good progress without his jetpack that can make him a boost on top of large structure or other large stuff to climb on.

Well here is all the thing i chould come up with that made me looking forward mostly about Griffin aka Trapper class. :smiley:


I personally love Griffin, the trapper. He has this “survival” quality from the way he’s dressed, and his physical features make him look experienced, and wise. I know there are to be more hunters revealed as time goes by, but I’d personally choose him for my first experience playing Evolve. Who ever designed him truly deserves a medal. (Find the reference!)


All of 'em - DUH!!!



I think the Trapper class is far and away the most viable candidate for the “I Just Survived An Alien Massacre While My Entire Team Was Smashed To Bloody Pieces” award. The other three classes, when facing the beast alone, don’t seem like they have enough resources at their disposal to last more than a few heart-pounding seconds:

The Assault class can bring the pain for a while, yeah, until the beast tires of being peppered with auto rounds, and swats the offending meathead across the entire map in cathartic glee. Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t aim a rifle when you’re missing both your arms ;-D

The Support class is great, sure, but when the rest of your team is dead, whom else will you support? The monster? Calling an orbital barrage on your location will do a fat load of good when the beast has already mashed your bones into cornmeal and moved on to its next activity…unless you’re so masochistic you even want your corpse to feel the pain O_o

I don’t even want to go into how badly the Medic will most likely fare; jokes about her healing Goliath aside, her kit is obviously meant as an enhancement to other player’s abilities. The anti-material rifle is awesome, but I doubt it’s anywhere near a high enough firing rate to be a consistent source of damage. And tranquilizing the beast will only serve to piss it off even more whenever it wakes up from its midnight siesta.

Only the Trapper seems like he’d know what he was doing the entire time; judging from his appearance and the stark contrast between his gear and his friends’, you can tell this guy eats, breathes and sleeps hunting animals most of us can’t even fathom the horrors of. Not one of his items can be mistaken for anything other than a faunacidal maniac’s dream come true: harpoons and cages and traps, oh my!

I can’t help but feel that the Trapper is also going to be able to manipulate the animals in the game into doing what he wants them to, be it startling a herd of herbivores to slow down Goliath’s escape, working a larger beast into a bloodthirsty frenzy against Goliath, and various other examples of blatant animal cruelty. Who knows, maybe even pin Goliath to the floor and hope he starves to death or something.

I’m also really, really biased in favor of Griffin because he reminds me of a grizzled, diminished version of McLeach, the psycho poacher from The Rescuers Down Under. Which I can’t decide to be either a good or a bad thing, and Jesus Christ I really need to stop typing now but this stupid game is making me so giddy


I am really looking forward to play as a monster!
I have always loved being someone who can create havok a chaos. The cat vs mouse thing is awesome, but twisting it to be giant badass monster vs puny humans (muhahah) makes me giggle like a little girl inside.

Looking forward to destroy the humans as a monster!! :smiley:


my favorite character in the griffin trapper is a weapon to find out board the monster is the successful completion of the sound spike not only the monster but the rest of the predator and even has a mobile arena is known as a tool that will be activated after dropping a boars and closes the monster but not only five but the hunters. griffin is a true Hunter


I am most looking forward to playing as Val AKA the medic. I think teamwork is crucial in certain games and this is one of them. Healing your fellow teammates can mean the difference between life and death for the entire squad. When playing a team based game where there are enough classes for each player it is very important that each player takes a different class so that you are maximizing your efficiency. While it is important to have the assault, trapper, and support classes as well, without the medic your team might not last as long in battle. Healing burst will help the team in a tremendous way. The anti-material rifle is also a major bonus for Val is is shows the weak point of the alien and any damage down by the teammates will cause a damage boost. This could be key to taking out the alien as fast as possible before all of your comrades are KIA. Lastly, who can’t resist a girl with a gun? I love the idea for this game and I think it is going to be amazing. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on progress. Hope there is a collectors edition because I would get that day 1.


I have logged so many hours on both left for deads and when i saw you guys had a new co-op game, i new i had to get it, i want to go through each and every map with my friends on games days where all we do is dominate at a game i know any left for dead fan will enjoy and i cant wait to hunt the monster personally with the hunter, utility in such a co-op oriented game is always the most fun


Honestly I try to pic my class on looks if they are at all decent looking and I think the medic looks great!! I’m loving the white armor and the wings on her jetpack and I think she looks amazing so far. And since she’s a sniper I get to stay away from that stage 3 Goliath lol


I am really looking forward to Val. Her anti-material sniper looks amazing. It looks like it would be a huge help with the team of hunters. So does the tranquilizer rifle! Showing the weak points on the Goliath is awesome. It could totally be the weapon that gives a huge advantage to the team.


Damn. I already know my post is not a winning one :cry:


Ahhh there there… you never know and I don’t think it is about content. :coffee: Besides I was like where is the Val love yesterday and I get on tonight to see four people rave after the medic. Shocked I was, yes. :wink:


You guys are just on the forums so early in the life of Evolve, it’s nice to give back. We’ll draw these 3 at random from this thread. But you need to answer the question to qualify, which you did :).

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