Wanna play Kelder with me? XB1 matchmaking thread for Elder Kraken


Seeing if anyone with a mic wants to take turns playing Kelder. My GT is SQUARE Necron and I’m on right now. (On quite a bit in general)

Hit me up if you want to try Kelder and we’ll get a lobby going.

Leans back and waits


You mean customs right? Cause I knows he’s not out yet.


Yup. Just quit till he’s monster then take it over


Yeah thought so, now I’m no forum God, but should this be under matchmaking? Looks more like just reaching out for fellow players trying to experience Grandpappy Kraken


Wasn’t sure what to throw it under. Its not for teams/wins/tryhards, just for checking him out. So I figured monsters topic


I was actually referring to the title but I guess you could change it to looking for group maybe?