Wallpaper of Evolve


I was wondering if you guys chould post some awsome Wallpaper here in 1920x1080?


Oh boy, that would be fantastic! I agree! :metal:


I already have one but i would be interested in a official wallpaper too :3!


I’m sure there will be soon :slight_smile: The trailer already has some nice images to make a wallpaper out of it.


Yup already got loads of pictures :3


Perhaps you should upload some and hopefully Turtle Rock would accept them as official? :bulb:

In fact, why don’t we have our own unofficial competition to see who can come up with the best? I can provide a prize, maybe a Steam gift or something? :grinning:


i like the sound of that, but i only have Paint :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good my brother is a Freelancer artist and he mde my wallpaper so nice :3<3


Take a look at this, already a few wallpapers.


Ye got those already :confused:


I recently made a Evolve Wallpaper.
Also got a tweet from a PR & Marketing Coordinator at Turtle Rock Studios saying that is cool.



That wallpaper looks very nice, great work!


Looks great! Good job :slight_smile:


I love it its gonna be my wallpaper for sure :D!


Yep, that is now going to be my wallpaper too. So good job, Mental! :thumbsup:


thanks, got plans for another one :wink: