Wall crawling monster


There was an alien vs. Predator game for the ps3 where aliens could climb any wall like they were walking on a floor almost. I think this would be a cool mechanic for a monster. Instead of slowing the monster down, it could strafe across walls and even fight while latched onto them.


Yass. Evolve to Three, the Hunters retreat to the power relay and set up, thinking their safe…


This is why I want a spider monster


I wouldn’t mind seeing this as I loved the alien mechanics in AvP 2010 and I would like to see them more.


One ability shoots a web that immobilizes a trapper.
Web has to be shot off.
Trapped hunter can shoot it off themselves, but would take, I dunno, maybe 1 clip of ammo for all classes except assault, who would only take 1/2 a clip?

A very interesting idea.


We need a new avp game.


3 letters in it’s acronyms… Which means Alien vs Predator 3? Or is AvP just Illuminati Confirmed?
( @Quirkly)


If your a pc gamer then it would be 3
I just hope sega isn’t making the next one >->


I would love a monster that could crawl on walls. :smile:
It would definitely make for interesting gameplay…


I think you want a Predator as a monster, and not an Alien.
Talk about sneaky :smiley:


If you played the avp game for the ps3 you would know that a good alien is wayyy sneakier than any cloaked predator. Take out lights and use the darkness to your advantage }:slight_smile: night time maps would be awesome on this as well. Let unarmored monsters be able to hide in more than just bushes.


But then you run into issues of “what” is climable… And for how high??? Their are many tall canyon walls in this game that would break these ideas…

Great idea though


Yeah they need to break the limits on this game a bit more. Let the kraken fly higher (i hate hitting invisible ceilings) and for this monster have all walls climbable to a certain height.


Me too. I’ve always wanted a spider thing

5th monster or for future! Wall Crawling and other abilitys it could have?

I would laugh hysterically if I could play a monster, implant an egg in one of the hunters, get to the stage 3 reactor fight, and a minion pops out of someones chest…


On the side note, nobody would play Evolve mode on AVP with me… Apparently, I was too creepy when I played as the face hugger…


I only ever played the demo for the ps3. They didnt have modes like that. I just loved the wall crawling concept. I pray for some crazy fun new traversals and what not.