Walking dead season 8 episode 9 (Spoilers)


What do you guys think about the death of Carl?


I haven’t watched it yet (will tonight, thanks to amazon) but i know he was bitten. I think it’s ridiculous they killed him off. Haven’t gotten to see the impact yet but, it’s really McFucked up.

Guess they’re for sure deviating from the comics now :sweat_smile:


What do the comics say happens to Carl?

Honestly I won’t really miss his character but I feel it was a painful way for him to go out and mimics what he had to do for his mother. The episode felt so drawn out as if to really eck the emotions out of the audience, only I felt more drained by the end of it than sad. I also don’t see why they didn’t just…allow him to turn first, could have had more time, really. The show could have had him last a few more episodes and do some great stuff yet with Negan…was surprised they ended it like they did. They made him go downhill super fast.


He’s alive and well. Comic fans think that the whole story is being told from the perspective of “Old Man Carl” and that’s how it’s going to end, with the zombies being gone and all the insane humans wiped out. (Disclaimer: everything besides him being alive and well is a fan theory)

Anyway yeah, they gave him an episode like they gave Tyrone (I think) an episode back in season 3 or 4. I didn’t like that he was basically bed-ridden for the whole episode, but I know why they did it since they showed the time where he got bit a few episodes ago (they just didn’t show him getting bit). I don’t think it was a good idea for him to die, but I think they did it because people complained that the main cast was invulnerable and the show was boring so… (just my opinion)


I also heard the actor who played him was wanting to leave so he could go on to do things like college. Could be wrong though.


The interview after the mid-season finale said they brought this twist out of nowhere. Thanks to their decision, he’s got roles in two movies lined up now to my knowledge.


That it is rick who actually got the bite and he was just thinking he was carl.

then i saw the end scene … so im sticking with that for now ^.^


(they did show carls bite happen in the flashack)


The Legends of Carl Grimes. A boy who grew up in this world, killing his mother this one eyed western warrior ended his own life, sparing two.


No, not the flashback. The episode where he went to go get Siddiq originally, couple episodes back. He was getting attacked, but they didn’t show the bite there.

But no disagreement on the flashback in the newest episode. They definitely showed him getting bit. :]


Nope he was fired according to Forbes.


I figured the very end it would be old man Carl telling the story of his past. I love this picture of him if you didn’t notice he has his hat,Michonne’s sword,Negan’s bat and Rick’s python. It may end now with Judith telling the story.


Ah, I lost time continuity. Carl did get bit earlier and did have time to walk around a couple days. I lost that between the seasons.

But I’m more upset that Grembly-Gunk didn’t make any new appearance in the longest time. Was he even in last season at all in Eugene’s pocket?


Well the actual episode he got bit in you wouldn’t have thought so.

Lol that’s funny I actually never paid attention to Grembly-Gunk.