Waling in the Sky (New Foundry)


I’ll post the vid later today (If I hopefully still have the clip)

Basically what happen is I’m playing Kraken, and 1/3 way through the game, the teams support disappears. Once I killed off everyone, and tried to feed I couldn’t I kept looking around everywhere but I couldn’t find him. Eventually I teetered my vision upwards and there he was, the pathetic schmuck was standing on the sky. I ran EVERYWHERE trying to avoid this guys ungodly gaze, but then I learned the hard-way that he can WALK up there as though it had it’s own little sandbox. (Got orbitaled and laser cuttered everywhere that happened to not have a roof. It was a rather close game because of that, won by attacking the relay.

Sent the dude a rather courteous message to boot after game.

Oooo, now this was DEFINETLY my bad, the guy replied telling me how it was a bug and wasn’t intending to exploit or anything.


Had this myself once. Fortunately it’s being fixed. Very annoying though. :confused:


I consider anyone that has to cheat or use an exploit like that to win a game a very lowly individual.


Hydra, I appreciate fine language myself, but sometimes you have to be…brusque, distastefully so, in order to get a point acorss.

They are plebs.


:open_mouth: I can’t believe you’d use such language! It’s so vulgar… we can’t sink to their level like that!

My apologies if it sounds like I’m taking the thread lightly; I’m not. I very much do dislike when people do this sort of thing. Luckily I was wraith when a group of three decided to get in that gated area atop Dam. Ripped their exploiting selves out of it one by one. Always satisfying to win when somebody pulls something like that.


Oh believe me it felt good seeing that win screen because of that schmuck…


It probably wasn’t his fault. This happens to me all the time on that map. One game I landed on the roof of the map right out of the dropship. After trying to restart several times, I went exploring, reached the edge of the map, and fell off to my death.


Seems I’m in the wrong here, turns out it was unintended.


Not at all. That’s like someone getting super powers and torturing the people they don’t like just because they can. Then saying it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t purposely try to get powers :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see its getting corrected :smile: