Waiting times for a match


In PC.
With the low player base that we have, this is even harder.
Today I took a clock with two chronographs and, for 3 games:
-play time = 47 minutes.
-wait time= 43 minutes.

Half of the day I’m waiting to find a monster, or waiting for the thing to load, or even when players have been found, I have to wait again while the screen says my rank and “match is starting in 20 seconds”. Then a picture of the map while loading. Then " waiting for players to load", then I select my character in 15 seconds but I have to wait up to 2 minutes for the rest to select. Then match is starting. Loading again. Finally the “vs” screen, and at last the dropship.

Could there be a way to speed this a little??


is this for regular quick play or HUNT?


He’s talking about ranked. Quick Play is super fast, it’s just hit or miss as to if you get matched with people of a similar level.


Oh well then, this is the most known thing in the game lol



Yes, from what I understand ranked on PC is tough. But the other playlists “quick play” doesn’t seem to take quite so long.

I can’t speak for PC unfortunately, I am on console and our wait times are short.


There has been other threads discussing this particular subject, but as far as I know, they’re pretty old, so I’m leaving this one opened :bucket_salute:

Ryoga, if this always happens to you, then I suggest you try Quick Play or try to do custom games with friends :smile: