Wait wait wait- why were these monsters dropped? they look finished



They had a design style shift and wanted to go in another direction.


seems like they could just retexture them to make them look more rocky and they’d be insta-dlc


Again, in the long run, they weren’t certain what they wanted to do with the game, Over time the designs changed. Scorpid v1 was reploaced with Scorpid v2, was replaced by Goliath.


This is actually Goliath 1.0. It ran on a completely separate mechanical system and was altered until it is the beast you know today.

You can read all about it here:


Oh how I dream for a Arachnid Monster, Hell even six legs but a mouth like that makes me shudder.


make your voice heard in the get involved thread; sledge said he was going to start voting today on a new theme for monster #5


we could fit spider into most of those catagories really


*she, pardon the correction!


kind of hard to tell when somebody’s profile picture is basicly alien

this is from the guy who made this thread ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’ll have you know that is not just an alien, but a Tyranid. Probably, I dunno. Looks like one.


They thought it looked really and played really clunky. Plus you don’t really get attached to it like you do with Goliath which this eventually turned into


It’s not going to be monster 5 bro. It probs won’t even be in the game, sorry to say. I’m pretty sure they have at least started concepting monster 5, considering the thing about the 5th monster on le steam stuffs.


There’s always room for easter eggs.