Wait, does the hunting season pass contain the new hunters (torvald, etc)?!


OK This was very confusing because it says 4 new hunters WHEN AVAILABLE but that was typed months ago…

Does this mean it contains the NEW hunters? If yes, this is very confusing and might want to be elaborated on. If you’re going to make DLC you might as well make it as detailed as possible :wink:


Yes, it includes them.


It’s as detailed as it needs to be. No one else is suffering from confusion.


Alright thanks.

And @warpathchris if i’m about to spend $25 on a DLC i’m going to make sure I know exactly what’s included.


Game on steam monster race + season pass + behemoth: Total: $115

Went to GamesDeals…
Limitted Edition: $35
Season Pass: $22
Behemoth included in Limited Edition: $0
Total: $57

[Edit: Changed math because monster race has season pass]
Shop around, and read up. It can save you a ton of money on this game :smile:


Uh, the season pass is included in both the Monster Race edition and the Deluxe Edition (there is no such thing as a limited edition.)



Yes it is.

And I didn’t know that about the season pass for the monster race… I’ll change the math :smile: