Wait, can someone clarify about custom games in beta?


I was hearing talk that I CAN’T do this, but is it possible in the Beta (or at least the Release) to “host” up a game, invite in friends, and make it private so that no other persons may join? I’m wondering if that would be under Multiplayer, but from the videos I’ve seen, I couldn’t surmise what options next they would be selecting to do up such a game.


I just played a group of friends last night - I think it still has a random factor to the map etc… But you can have a party of 5 ( you and 4 friends) play all together in one match. Just have one person invite everyone or everyone else joins in on the host.


Yea, but he’s not talking about a party of 5. He’s talking about having like 2-3 people, and making a game where only you guys play against bots. I have asked this as well, and the thought was custom matches would be in beta but it’s looking like it’s not at this point.


Thanks for the response @Bubble_boy14, sorry I didn’t clarify, but @Nickisis stated what I meant. Like I only want 1 or 2 friends in, and the rest are filled with bots, and we don’t have to worry about other people joining in mid game.


Thanks, @MeTheBigShow

If I may ask, what options do you go through in order to set that up? I’m assuming this game is all P2P (hosted session on Evolve servers), but is 1 player deemed the host? Can they kick and change the publicity of the game?


Well then I’m not entirely sure about that. I don’t think I saw an option to do it with just a few. Always the chance you start the match with only 3 and don’t find anyone :smile:


I was never actually host surprisingly so I don’t know what they can and can’t do. In my experience when we were partied and the host started a game we went on to matchmaking or we had a party of 5. I don’t know if they had the option to play with just us. I want to say no.


I believe you don’t even have the options for them to fill with random people if it’s custom. If you do custom game the empty spots will fill with bots and that’s it. You can invite more people and they can join but regular matchmaking people won’t end up there so that it’s fair and you don’t join a game with 4 troll friends and one as monster.


Sounds good, @JuiceFan1998

So, do a custom game, invite friends, nobody should be able to see the game, set the mode and map and settings, and when we launch, no one but invited friends will be able to get in. If that’s true, that’s perfect!


No, that’s not true. We were doing that all last night, we would start a part, invite friends, and then press “A” to start the match, and then it would start matchmaking. I don’t remember seeing any option where you could set the mode and map and only friends would get it, it always went to matchmaking with the 3 of us.


Hmmm. If it’s just a feature lacking in Beta, but available in Gold, I’ll be OK then. But that is kinda disappointing if true. Sounds like I’m gonna be forced to some solo play to gain some practice with all bots than throwing myself into the fire.


That’s different than “custom game” @Nickisis

Regardless of if you can in Beta, Custom Game is it’s own thing that is private and allows you to set options.

Also the Beta starts by forcing you to play a full length Goliath tutorial before you even get tot he main menu. You are taught to do every action Goliath does basically on a linear map designed to show each skill.

Then you have the option to do the hunter tutorials after that so you really will feel less blind going in than during the big alpha.


Well, there’s a lot of speculation here. If someone has finite examples, that would be great. And even if it was confirmed “Yeah, customs are in final, but we just didn’t add them to beta”, then that’s cool, too.


@MacMan Had said that’s how custom works in the final and I thought theyw ere supposed to be in beta but can’t confirm as I was playing without friends last night. I’ll be playing with Steam friends today and will see if it’s on PC but it will be in final game at the least.

That’s n contrast to what was mentioned earlier where you can invite other friends to make up a 4 person hunter team and join normal matchmaking.


Thanks. I’ll be in the Steam Beta in 2 hours anyways, I was just trying to clarify before that point. If my friends aren’t online, I’ll just gain some experience in Solo play and then move into some pubs til they get online. In reality, I won’t always have enough friends online at any given moment to fill a 4+ man team. So my initial inquiry was into 2-3 man teams, and playing with/against bots.

If custom isn’t in beta, but custom provides this, then that’s good news. I knew the Beta wasn’t going to be fully featured for PC, but it’ll give a good cross sample.

Personally, I’m just really hoping for the graphical optimizations over alpha. I went ahead and installed the latest nVidia drivers. 2 hours to go.


@JuiceFan1998 Right, that’s what I’m saying, there is no “Custom Game” option, we couldn’t do what that guy was saying to do, the ONLY option we had was to push A and start matchmaking.


OK. So if I do multiplayer, it’s basically looking to fill the empty slots with people. In the event it can’t, it may start the game with bots, but then people may join it mid game and take over those bots, correct?

Then, for the final game, I can do up a custom game, invite friends, prevent others from joining (or open it to the public), set settings, etc. Thing is, if you do something like that, people need be able to filter out custom games based on their settings.

For example, it wouldn’t be fair to someone to be thrown into a game that has the Strike Rule turned off. The player needs to know this and be able to filter out being thrown into those games so that they can play a game they expect to. TF2 failed miserably at this. Not only could people spoof the maps, player counts and game modes, but you could not filter out servers than ran mods which adversely affected the game. I’d join a server, see some on screen text that says “You have 20 power crystal to spend” and be like “Dammit!”, subsequently pressing the “Add Server to Blacklist” button (which, again, sadly, the mods on the servers could get around).


Just make your party first, then go matchmaking. Even works for five man parties.



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