Wait...Behemoth can evolve right?....right?!


this is a stupid question…


Yup, 3 stages just like the other revealed monsters.


He also Revolves.


Revolves? what do you mean revolves


Like the Sun!


Rotates… Ignore me, I’m just being silly ^.^

Yes, as @MaddCow said, he can evolve up the three stages.


k thanks :sweat_smile:


but how does he rotate? like a spin attack?


Hahahahaha, he’s joking!!


He can roll up into a boulder as his traversal move…

…but mainly I said it because it was a play on words. =)


I am we already know his moves


Btw, someone said on this forum that hunters cannot shoot him to the head. I mean… ofc they can but those shoots will not be headshots so no x2… is that true or false?


Correct. His ‘weak’ spot is the opening in his chest, not his head.


Are you kidding me? That’s what I really thought it could be like. Wow… what an freaking idea. I like him much more now!!!


I’m wanting a monster with a weak spot on their back. Like a Sontaron from Dr. Who. Would be interesting to try and flank the boss. Maybe make it 2.5 instead of 2 additive because it’s hard to get to?


I mean, are those spots also weak spots or not?


I think only his guts


That is just to show that the rocks are not part of him naturally. He is the spongy thing underneath. The organ in the middle is a weakness, not the tissue/tendons.


Are those guts even at his backs? Or only stomach? How about backbone?


No, the weakspot and ‘guts’ are only on his front. I was saying that in a future monster I would like to see a weakpoint in the creature’s back.