Wait a second


So,TRS said to us that all of the adaptations will be FREE.And then i couldn’t get the idea out of my head:“If i don’t have a season pass,then can i play as adaptations of the characters i don’t have?”


Yes you are if they made it …

Season pass is about certain characters that are different … But the adaptions are for free


Maybe. Though they’ve only stated that Tier 1-3 are gonna have adaptations at this moment in time I think


Right now only T1-T3 adaptations are confirmed. Maybe though?


DLC characters are unlikely to get adaptions.


Currently there are no plans for DLC Hunter adaptations. If there is you will more than likely have to pay for the OG character before you have access to the adaptation.


Just wanna say:I already have the season pass.


Since it seems to have been answered, may I close the thread? :slight_smile:




Question answered :slight_smile: