Waggie Improvement


So here are my ideas to make waggie at least viable. Suggestions are appreciated!

Change it so that you can have two flame harpoons at once, but slightly increase reload time. Cause just having one is basically just a worse e.griff.

make it so that by using the daisy key, you pull out a whistle or something which you can use to order daisy to follow tracks, revive a team-mate, or attack a wildlife or the monster.

The burst pistol should just be something to do when both your harpoons are out and so can stay how it is.



Two seems fair especially for Relay strategy fights…Lower the range but not the reload time

Either Attack Mode or Revive mode should be sets but Tracks should be obvious for Daisy to do when no trouble or people are downed.

The Burst Pistol needs an upgrade in damage


Actually, I should probably make a second topic for this BUT. would anyone object to lowering the arming time of regular maggies harpoons? always feels like they’re destroyed before they even shoot…


Isn’t the Burst pistols dmg screen bugged?


Bugged? I guess I don’t understand what you mean by that


It doesn’t add the DoT to the dmg report.


Oh! I actually don’t know…If it’s an odd number that means it worked if it’s an even number than it is bugged :wink:

4 DP per Bullets

3 DOT DP per Second


Can we get a dev to confirm?


I just took the Damage Numbers…

EDIT: You do know we can see these numbers in game right?


Yup. That I do. :smiley:


Okay :stuck_out_tongue: Just making sure.

They probably have some point numbers (.9, .2) in there that we can’t see so the rounded it.

Who knows but that’s what I got few days ago :wink:


oh oh oh…I meant a dev confirm that the dmg report screen is bugged :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m an idiot…

5 DP per Bullet (10 DP Total)
3 DOT DP per Tick (Lasts 3 Seconds)



Gotta agree with that point. 1 harpoon is just… useless, the monster will free himself in no time. Maybe 1 harpoon could work if it’d be faster to hit the monster, maybe as soon as it lands maybe? that’d be almost a griffin though haha

Maggie obviously must be able to order Daisy for basic things like revive, move, follow, stay in place. It’s a weird thing that she can’t do it :l~~ Daisy could be a great tool to corner the monster rather than follow the last hunter :unamused: