W/L ratio getting effected for leaving sucks!


I get put into a match mid-game as my 5th preference, monster (first of all this shit happens way too much), but then it doesn’t even let me control the monster. For the first 4 mins I was a camera just flying around wherever I wanted and then it puts me in the monster perspective, but I have no control.

So ultimately I quit the match because I can’t even play. Then I go to the leaderboards and see that I have a loss on Kraken… This new w/l system punishes the honest people just as much as it does the true culprits :confused:

Can the game really not tell whether or not someone even controlled a monster for 1 second?


I feel that you should never get a loss for ‘losing’ a game you join mid match. But you can get a win. (This encourages people to stick around and give it a go)


That sounds perfect to me!


At the moment it makes you lose to stop players from leaving a losing match to save their leader board status.
But there is no system to help people who just joined.
Like @Maddcow said, that should be implemented.


A better idea might be to just forbid joining matches in progress, or having the game automatically forfeit when the monster leaves or there’s only one Hunter left. What’s the point of putting players in the middle of a match who’s winner has already been decided?


Glad you liked the idea. Maybe one day we get to see it in action :slight_smile:


Exactly, most of the time the reason why spots are opening up mid-match is because the opposing side took a clear advantage in the match.


The AI is pretty terrible. Having someone leave without the idea of a human player coming in is pretty damning tbh. I can see a lot of people just quitting games like that because there is no hope that a stupid AI takes over and a human player can’t replace them. And if anything this game has taught me that games are never 100% certain. I’ve seen amazing comebacks from both sides.

Also, the problem isn’t joining mid match, it’s people rage quitting. Personally I would love a much harsher penalty to those people.


I hate those “amazing comebacks” that happen when one side has pretty much won, the losers qyit, and a new team comes in to snatch a win against impossible odds. They fucking RUIN the game.

The guy who originally won feels robbed. They beat the other team so bad they surrendered. And now someone else steps in to take over. And they are way, way, way better. They turn what should be an easy victory into a defeat. I would be fucking pissed.

Why bother playing if it any time my opponents can leave and some player leagues better than me steps in to win? I can be denied my rightfully earned victory by dumb luck if someone else leaves. Screw that! Might as well just pull the arm on a slot machine.


Which is why there should be harsher penalties for leave, like I said.


I really like that the game pulls in people mid match, even when they’re way better than the people I was just trouncing. If Evolve isn’t challenging, it isn’t really that fun.

I propose this: Why not use time or health thresholds to prevent joining in on impossible-to-win matches? I’m sure the data can tell you when a player leaves just before they are about to lose. Why not have the matchmaking acknowledge that this would be a poor game to throw a player into, and have it find a different match?


Sounds like you would have been seriously outplayed by the new guy(s) in that scenario, if they were able to win against a huge handicap.


That won’t stop people from leaving unless the penalty is EXCESSIVELY long. If a match takes 10-20 minutes to conclude, the timer would need to be +10 minutes in order for it to be quicker to finish up the match than take the penalty

We’re dealing with a very difficult problem. People play games to have fun. If they’re getting their asses handed to them, they’re not having fun. You cannot force these people to keep playing. If you try, they won’t have fun. If they don’t have fun, they will stop playing the game completely.

That’s the simple truth. No one is required to play, and not playing is always a choice. You simply CANNOT force people to keep playing a game when they are not having fun. And trying to force them will backfire. They’ll just quit playing all together


I feel those who leave should be punished, but those who get placed mid-match (or end match for that matter) shouldn’t get a win or a loss either way. I can see how it can be difficult to decide what “mid-match” really means (many times you join right at the initial deployment,) but these are still crappy situations: you may not have the hunter you would have picked and you don’t have a perk (or at least the one you’d use.) This is a serious handicap for you and the team and I shouldn’t expect to eat a loss for it, be it hunter or monster.


I never mentioned a time as being the only form of punishment, mind you.

I feel that if people are paired up against someone that woefully stronger than them, the match will end quickly and then can leave. Not everyone wants an easy win. If they did, there is a Coop version with no human opponents. That should be a good option for them, yes?

No one is forcing anyone to do anything. There is a specific solo and coop mode exactly for those people that don’t want to be thrown into a group where they could be at a large disadvantage.


That’s not a solution for a healthy online community for a game that, more or less, is a strictly multiplayer game.

Applying penalties such a low priority queue or matchmaking delay is TRYING to force people to finish a match. And unless those penalities are extremely harsh, leaving is still the better option.

Let’s say we do finally have a matchmaking system with a penalties severe enough to make people stop leaving matches. Now what? Either people will deliberately suicide to end it faster, or just stop playing all together because they’re spending more time looking for a match or sitting in a match getting their butt pounded than actually playing the game. These systems just don’t work.


The only real problem is joining games already in-progress. As many have said before, an option to only allow joining lobbies is strongly needed.
Also, the ‘preference’ system admittedly seems unreliable at times, but I digress.


I think in a billion years none of this will matter, one loss here, one there. Who cares? The only reason to care about it is for yourself and how you see yourself reflected in others. If YOU know that it wasn’t really a loss, shouldn’t that be enough? No, you have to have it confirmed by others that view upon you. So I revert to my original statement. In a billion years, none of this will matter, nothing will matter. Cheerful thought when you think about it. Also don’t take this as negative feedback. It’s an eye opener I hope!


Game just froze on me while versing a Behemoth. I ran around for over 5 mins just an analyzing the wildlife until the game returned me to the main menu, but it never did. So I have to quit and when I do so I got a loss…

W/L ratio is more insignificant now than it ever was.

EDIT: froze again while versing Behemoth when he had 1 bullet left of health. There is a serious problem on Xbox with behemoth, nearly 50% of my matches with him go into a nonstop freeze. I’ve played 300 matches and this type of freezing has never occurred until now


You are saying that you don’t want the option for a better team to come in mid match and beat you, but you are ok with a multiplayer focus game to have that at the start. I don’t see the difference. You either win or lose one way or the other.

So you are against having people join mid match because you might lose, but then you are pro leaving the game early if you ‘aren’t having fun’. I don’t think anything I can say will alleviate your concerns.